Low Flow Retic Bore?

On Friday we were called to an old submersible water bore in Attadale.  It had very typical low-flow issues with the reticulation system seeming to start OK with the sprinklers popping up robustly, but after a minute or two the sprinklers would start pulsating and go up and down. We see this commonly with old bores in the Perth metro area and often can be fixed.. This is a clear indication there is a bore yield issue with the inflow into the bore not meeting the outflow from the retic system. We pulled the pump and measured the depth to, and depth of, water and that was within normal range. Diagnosis: the borehole screens are blocked or surrounding ground clogged. This week we will chemically clean the bore hole then air develop it. Air developing  a water bore is where we pump compressed air down the borehole to clean the casing and evacuate particles. Typically this problem doesn’t present itself in bores  less than 15 years old unless there are bad iron oxide issues or low yield ground conditions. If you have a problem with flow from your bore then please call us on Perth 1300 734 300.

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