Joondalup Bore Service and Repair

Today our bore repair team attended a quite deep submersible bore just off Joondalup Drive after a call from a customer about a bore repair problem on 9246 0111.

Our specialist bore electrician tested the submersible pump motor from the surface at the control equipment and unfortunately it has tested both fused and down to earth.

bore controllers
3 phase DOL bore starter next to Single Phase bore start box

Another problem is no-one knows where the bore is located under the driveway. It is important for the home-owner to note the location of the bore when drilling a new bore or if buying a home with a bore. It saves money and time locating it.

We know the depth to water at this location is about 50 metres so the bore will be over 60 metres total depth.  We will need to winch it to the surface and confirm the tests. If necessary we will then replace the 3 phase motor. If we can confirm the motor is fused then our electrician will write it up as fused which may well be an “insured event” under the homeowners insurance policy.

Pump electrical faults should always be tested and recorded by a licensed electrician. Call us any time if you have any problem with your water bore or reticulation system in Joondalup or surrounds on 9246 0111.

We also drill new water bores and repair water bores in Joondalup and the surrounding suburbs of  Edgewater, Heathridge and Connolly. Check us out on our website HERE

Bore Repairs Claremont

We have just repaired a water bore in Claremont for an elderly client.

We talked to the customer on the phone and identified the fact we needed to send our specialist bore electrician, Dave. He found the submersible pump motor was not working and certified it as fused so the client could claim on her insurance. Her insurance policy covered pump motor fusion. It was quite deep for a Claremont bore so we had to winch the pump up over 30 metres.

We install and repair water bores in the Claremont area and surrounding suburbs of Nedlands and Dalkeith.

Call us anytime on 9246 0111 or book a bore service here 


D.O.L. bore starter
3 phase bore pump starter

Retic Controller Replacement.

Our mobile service teams cover all Perth suburbs and are stocked with reticulation controllers, so if you need yours replaced we can do it quickly.

We can replace you reticulation controller whether it is hard wired into mains power or it is a plug-pack model plugged in to a power point.  We replace reticulation controllers that are running irrigation systems from mains water or operating water bores.


Rain Dial Retic Controller
Rain Dial Retic Controller
Reticulation Controller Perth
Pro 469 Reticulation Controller


There is also a retic controller you can operate from your iphone from anywhere in the world?

Retic controller operated remotely
Hydrawise reticulation controller

Call  us with a brief description of your controller and we will quote you a price for a fully installed replacement.  Call us on 9246 0111.    More info is available on our main website here

Submersible Pump Motor Failed?

What are the causes of submersible bore pump motor failures?

The majority of  electrical failures of submersible pump motors in residential garden bore installations is as a result of the burning out of stator windings. Causes include, but are not limited to, high voltage surges/spikes and lightning strikes.

Other causes include-

  • The running of a pump against a “closed head” ( nowhere for the water to pump , closed valve, blocked outlets etc )  with limited water flowing past the submersible motor to aid in cooling, can cause failure of the thrust system. Dead-heading can also result in the “blowing” of the rising poly main line that delivers the water to the surface.
  • If a pump is run with not enough back pressure or head this can cause premature damage to upthrust bearings. It is important the pump is run on an accepted part of the “pump curve”. In a nutshell it must be running enough, but not too many, sprinklers.
  • Sand or abrasive matter in the bore  which can cause the shaft seal to wear ultimately causing submersible motor failure.
  • A failed check valve can cause back spinning of the pump impellors as the water flows back down the main line to equalize with static water level. This spins the pump at low RPM with insufficient lubrication. In deeper submersible bores this can, over time, cause failure.
  • constant stop/start, stop/start of the motor (machine-gunning) may lead to pump/motor shaft failure

Our bore service guys cover all of the Perth greater metropolitan area and are in fully stocked vans. Call us on 9246 0111 to talk to us about your bore or book a bore service online

Bore Air-Development?

We often get asked what it means to air develop a bore.  It is an important part of drilling a water bore in Perth suburbs.  Talk to us about it on 9246 0111.

Water bore Air-development.
Water gushes out of a new bore as compressed air is pumped down the borehole.

Ordinarily with a correctly constructed new water bore it is air-developed following drilling but before the installation of the submersible pump. This is particularly important in Perth’s typically sandy soils.

bore development
Water bore air development (credit : Lockyer Water)

Air development is a process where compressed air is pumped down the borehole both flushing out the drilling muds used to drill the bore and developing water flow from the aquifer. The accompanying diagram illustrates the results of development on a bore with a stainless steel screen. The principal is the same and equally important for those water bores constructed with slotted PVC screen. Slotted PVC screen is more common in Perth water bores.

Air-development is also used to clean out old and tired bores that have diminished water flows. It helps clear out years of silt etc and once again develops flow from the aquifer.

If your bore has reduced water flow call us for the solution on 9246 0111. Our mobile service teams operate Perth metro-wide. Also there is more information on air developing a water bore HERE

Submersible Bore Pump Shaft Broken

We had an unusual service call yesterday  (9246 0111) about a submersible bore pump that was producing only about 25% of the water that it normally delivered.

submersible pump shaft
Pump and motor uncoupled showing shaft.

We ruled out all the normal things like a hole in the poly rising main, pump wasn’t running backwards, none of the “normal” causes.???  When we winched the submersible pump to the surface we found the shaft joining the motor to the “wet-end” (pump) seemed OK but on uncoupling the submersible pump we noted inconsistencies. Found the shaft had sheared actually inside the pump leaving the first 4 of 12 impellers still turning. Quite an uncommon fault.

submersible pump
Submersible pump shaft snapped

Further detective work found the unusual auto start device had been turning the pump on/off, on/off incessantly contributing to the failure. Replaced the pump and installed it all back down the borehole with the original motor. Tested and all good now!

We have been in the water boring business for nearly 20 years and know how to repair and service water bores in Perth. We are a family business and will look after you.

Call us anytime on  9246  0111 or Troy on mobile 0408 454 130. Our mobile bore service teams visit all Perth suburbs.

There is more information on water bores in Perth HERE

Perth Water Bore Drillers

Last week our water bore drilling  bore team at Virgin Bores, drilled a successful bore hole in for a customer in Applecross.

First the drillers back their rig onto an accessible area of the front lawn that the customer was happy with. Depending on the depth of the hole, the actual bore drilling normally takes less than half a day.

After drilling the bore is “air-developed” a process where compressed air is pumped down the borehole to clean the drilling muds and develop flow.

As you can see below in the pic of air developing a great result – lots of water and it looks crystal clear.

The submersible pump is normally installed the next day followed by the bore electrician and finally the reticulation connection if required.

We have been in business a long time and have vast experience in the Applecross area. We can repair your Applecross bore if there is an problem with your bore.

Applecross drilling a new water bore
Drilling a new water bore in Applecross

If you would like a quote for a  new water bore, go to our main website or call us on 9246 0111.

Air-developing water bore in Applecross
Clear water from water bore drilled in Applecross
new gaden bore
Water Borers have left- next step is pump installation.

Insurance Claim on Fused Submersible Pump

Submersible bore head electrician
Electrician working on Submersible Pump

If your submersible pump is fused it may be covered by your household insurance. Call us on 9246 0111.

We were happy to receive a handwritten note on Friday from a customer in Kardinya. We replaced his fused submersible pump motor and steered him in the right direction with his fusion insurance claim.

He said, “Thanks for fixing my submersible bore pump so promptly. I didn’t even know fusion might be covered under insurance“. Our electrician tested the motor and wrote it up as fusion.

If we can help you, 9246 0111 or visit our main website here for more water bore information

Bore and Retic Service – Experience Pays

We uncovered this curious old valve in a job south of the river. The younger retic serviceman on the job had never seen one before.

They are actually a Fimco Hydro Indexing Valve rarely seen in Perth home reticulation systems anymore.  This model can handle 4 zones or stations on a reticulation system. These cam-operated valves were used to split up the water delivery from some older well style bores around Perth. No wires or electronics involved.

Indexing valve old style
Old style indexing valve


Each time the bore started the valve opening would move around to divert water to one of four downward facing delivery pipes that can’t be seen clearly in this picture.

We have the knowledge and experience to solve any Perth bore or reticulation problem. You can visit our main website here or call 9246 0111 to book a service visit.

How do I know if my submersible pump motor is a “2 wire” or a “3 wire”?

Franklin start box
Franklin start box

This terminology is used to describe the single phase motor that drives the submersible “wet-end” or pump. It is not used in reference to three phase submersible pumps. The difference between a “2 wire” and “3 wire” pump is based on the type of motor that is used. A “3 wire” single phase submersible pump motor requires a control box or start box that contains  a starting capacitor or start/run capacitor. This box is normally mounted near the power

Lowara bore start box
Lowara bore start box

source or buildings meter box. This has an on/off manual switch and motor running indicator. On installation an electrician puts a 24v relay in this to accept the signal from a reticulation controller if required, thereby automating the start box. Because of the method of starting, the motor requires three “hot” leads (plus a lead for the ground connection) to operate correctly. It is called a “3-wire” due to the three “hot” leads, though there are actually 4

individual wires when you count the earth (ground) wire. On the other hand a “2 wire” motor requires no control/start box because it does not use a starting capacitor.

Sumoto Submersible Start Box
Sumoto Submersible Start Box

Instead, a “2 wire” motor has a built-in electrical device that is used to start the motor. This only requires the pump to have 2 “hot” leads (plus earth), which is why it is called a “2 wire” pump.  But when counting the total number of wires coming to the surface we see a “2 wire” pump actually has 3 wires and a “3 wire” pump actually has 4  wires. Confused?  Fixing submersible bores and pumps is what we do every day.  Our experience is what sets us apart. Our service teams have the knowledge, experience and tools to get the job done right first time with a minimum of fuss. Call 9246 0111 for any bore service needs Perth and surrounds or book a bore service online