Deep Water Bore Heathridge

In our 20 years in the business we have repaired and drilled many modern submersible water bores in the northern Perth suburb of Heathridge.

Our drilling teams specialise in deeper water bites like one we drilled recently in Heathridge that was 52 metres. We understand how to construct the bore so it will silently operate bringing the householder a plentiful supply of water for many years to come.

We pride ourselves on customer service so it was great to get this email.

David was pretty chuffed to get it thanking him for the 52 metre bore drilled in Heathridge just hours after he connected it to the retic.

Thanks Bayer. And well done George!

Drill Water Bore in Driveway

When we are called to a Perth home to repair a water bore, we need to know that location of the water bore hole.

It is great when the home owner knows the location of their water bore. If the home owner has bought a home with a bore they may not know.

The modern submersible water bores have a green lid which can we covered with lawn, garden bed or as you see here aggregate or liquid limestone in a driveway. The water bore is normally drilled in a drive way if there is tight access for the drilling rig in the garden and lawn of the home.

Tight access for water bore - drill in drive way
Water Bore drilled in driveway of Perth home
Water bore covered by green lid
Green lid covering water bore

Adam will cut the bore casing down to below ground level then install the submersible pump and green bore box over the top. Once our electrician has connected it up and we connect to reticulation the paving or the driveway cut out will be put back and everything tidied up.

Water Bore cover
Cover for water bore

It is worth noting that it is the old-style wells that come with a tin lid that looks like a witches hat.

So if you are buying a house with a water bore get as many details as you can about the bore like location and depth so that if your water bore needs repair you can call us on 9246 0111 and we can do the best job possible.