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New submersible motor and pump Doubleview

Customer's submersible pump and 3 phase motor
Customer’s submersible pump and 3 phase motor

A Doubleview customer sent us this picture of his submersible pump and 3 phase motor. He and his electrician had pulled it out of his very old 32 metre submersible bore hole. They had disassembled it and electrically tested the motor.

The motor needed replacing. We attended and replaced the motor and while we were at it a new submersible pump. We replaced all down hole electrical cable which we heat shrunk to the new motor lead. We also replaced his old frayed stainless steel draw-wire but reused the existing 40 mm poly rising mainline that delivers the water. The poly pipe was all good even after several decades of service. At the same time we dosed the bore with 20 litres of chlorine to help kill the iron oxide bacteria that was evident.

Finished off with a new bore box at the bore head, reconnected and all set to go. Most Doubleview water bores are in the 30 to 60 metre deep range as a consequence of Doubleview’s elevation. If you have any questions call our team on 9246 0111.

What size is my submersible bore pump?

Most submersible bores in Perth have either a 1.1 kilowatt ( one and a half horsepower), 1.5 KW ( 2 HP ) or 2.2 KW ( 3 HP ) motor connected to a matching pump ( “wet-end” ) We can answer any questions on your submersible bore on 9246 0111

If the motor is a single phase then ordinarily it will have a start box mounted near the electrical meter box. This often has the kilowatts or horsepower marked on the front. These pictures show the common Sumoto pump start box where the kilowatt selection has been indicated in black markers. This one is 1.1 kilowatt.

Sumoto pump start box
Sumoto pump start box
Sumoto start box for 1.1 KW bore
Sumoto start box for 1.1 KW bore

For a three phase motor the only reliable way to determine the motor size is to pull up the motor and pump.

We repair modern submersible bores in all Perth suburbs.

If you need help with your submersible bore pump or electrical bore repairs in any Perth suburb give us a call on 9246 0111 or go HERE to learn more about submersible bore pumps

New water bore Ballajura

Water bore problem Ballajura
Stuffed water bore Ballajura

It was a busy day in Ballajura today. We got called to a couple of bore electrical problems which we sorted quite quickly. We couldn’t immediately help the last call though.

The gentleman had a submersible bore that was of dubious construction. Not only was the borehole itself drawing sand, something which incidentally does not happen if the correct screens and gravel packing is used, but also the submersible pump was stuck irretrievably down the bore hole. The submersible pump had been installed down the bore without a stainless steel draw wire. The owner had erected a tripod and attempted to retrieve the pump by hauling up the poly pipe on a block and tackle. Unfortunately the poly pipe had snapped some metres down the bore hole and the poly pipe and submersible pump were now completely stuck.

Next week we will be drilling a new water bore for him. We’ll be sure to do everything to best practice standards to avoid problems like this in the future. We suspect this original bore had been a DIY or at best done by a backyard operator. Make sure if you are having a bore drilled in Ballajura or surrounds you use a licensed driller and preferably one who is a member of the ADIA.

If you would like a quote on a new water bore or need repairs to your existing bore in Ballajura give Virgin Bores a call on 92460111 or visit

Why is my old Perth bore running out of water?

Some Perth bore owners are telling us their very old water bores are running out of water or that it runs for a minute or two then it runs out.  We can help on 9246 0111.

This can be a a problem with the reticulation system or with the pump.

Slotted PVC bore casing
Slotted PVC bore casing


Commonly it is an issue with the yield of the bore itself and the pump is pumping water out faster than it is flowing in to the bore casing.

Many people think the bore is not deep enough. At times the water table does drop & it is a depth related issue. More often the stainless steel bore screen or slotted PVC bore casing has become blocked. Sometimes the ground around the bore has reduced the water it will “allow” to flow through it.

We would try air-developing, a process where large volumes of compressed air are pumped down the bore. We can also chemically clean and restore the bore with a combination of special cleaning compounds, surfactants and clay dispersants.

If your old Perth water bore is running out of water call us on 9246 0111 and we will talk through the problem or book a service online

Water bore faulty Perth

The sprinkler bans in Perth end at the end of August. We encourage you to only start using your Perth sprinklers when the garden needs it.

Perth bore owners have been out testing their water bores for the first time this spring. Some are faulty!

Electrical fault water bore
Bore electrical specialist working on submersible bore

We are hearing similar stories like  “I’m starting my bore and the circuit breaker is tripping or fuse is blowing, what should I do?”. We would send our specialist bore electrician Dave who has been doing this for years and is expert and experienced with water bores. He has special equipment to test the circuits & windings of the motor. We can do this without winching the pump up.

We remind our customers that if it is a fused bore pump motor it may be covered under household insurance. Also if the fault is storm related even damage from lightning induction that then this too may be subject to an insurance claim.

Submersible water bore from surface
Top of submersible water bore

To have the matter attended to first by specialist bore repairers who can correctly diagnose the fault and possible cause call the team on 9246 0111 or book an online service and read more about faulty water bores HERE

New bore Wilson

Today we attended a house in Wilson. Wilson is a suburb near Riverton and Shelley on the Canning River.

The couple had lived in the house for 12 years and had a shallow old well style bore with a centrifugal pump in one concrete liner. They told us that on average they had spent $400 a year on “bandaid” fixes to the old bore which appeared to be an original DYI attempt. The centrifugal  pump constantly lost prime and the water flow from the bore had been marginal. The couple have decided to bite the bullet and invest in a new trouble free submersible style water bore

Next week we will be drilling an 18 metre bore hole specifically designed for the ground conditions of Wilson. Wilson’s proximity to the river means our bore design must pay due regard to avoiding potential saline intrusion. We will install a submersible stainless steel pump that will have the same or greater flow than the existing pump so we can connect it straight into the customers existing reticulation sprinkler system with little modification. The bore will continue to be run from their existing retic controller.

The drilling sand from the new bore will be used to fill the old well.

For new water bores or bore service and repair in Wilson, Shelley or Riverton call us on 9246 0111 or visit for further info.

Shallow old well style bore
Shallow old well style bore

Old centrifugal pump in one liner well
Old centrifugal pump in one liner well

What is a submersible pump?

Assembling a submersible pump
Assembling a submersible pump

People often get confused about what is a submersible pump. A picture tells
a thousand words.

Most Perth garden bores use a 1.1 kilowatt (1.5 horsepower), 1.5kw (2 hp) or
2.2kw (3 hp) submersible motor connected to a matching pump or more
correctly a matching “wet-end”. Where the confusion comes in is generally
people refer to the two units combined as a pump. Here our bore service man
has assembled a single phase motor to a 12 stage pump (wet-end ). The motor
is the bottom part furthest from his hand. The wet end is the part he is
gripping whilst he tightens the fitting where the rising 40mm poly pipe
mainline will be connected to deliver the water to the surface. Note the
black rubberized bore cable is connected to the blue lead connected to the
motor. This delivers the 240v power down the borehole to the motor. The
stainless wire is used to support the weight of everything down the bore

Our bore service teams repair and replace submersible bores all over Perth.
We are specialists in electrical repairs and insurance fusion claims for all
types of water bores. Call us on 9246 0111 or visit our website –

Water Bore Forrestfield

We have finished drilling a new submersible water bore for a large commercial property in Forrestfield. This Forrestfield bore will be used to irrigate extensive street verges and gardens. Drilling bores in Forrestfield can be tricky with potential salinity and flow concerns.

Fantastic result today though.

After air developing this commercial bore we obtained a plentiful supply of beautiful water. We have installed a three phase 2.2 kw submersible pump giving about 140 litres per minute. This picture shows us washing out the mud tank in which the water and bentonite were mixed.

For any information on rotary mud drilling process, call our new bore drilling teams on 1300734300 to discuss your water bore requirements or visit

Cleaning out the mud tank after drilling a commercial bore in Forrestfield.
Cleaning out the mud tank after drilling a commercial bore in Forrestfield.

Thanks Bore Electrician Kewdale and Pump Replacement Carine

It is great to hear from happy customers and hear good reviews. Thank you! 9246 0111

Thanks for sending our specialist bore electrician to Kewdale
Thanks for sending our specialist bore electrician to Kewdale

Our experienced bore electrician Dave attended Russell’s Kewdale property, checked his system and supplied and fitted a new reticulation controller.

We also attended Philip’s Carine property where we replaced his .75 kw 2 wire submersible motor / pump and tested that everything was OK.

“Thank you for your teams excellent work just prior to Christmas. Having the bore operational again has been fantastic. Once again thank you and I am happy to recommend your services to anyone. Regards Phillip.”

If we can assist you with specialist bore electrical advise or pump replacement visit our website  HERE or phone Troy (ask him how his fishing is going) on 9246 0111

New Submersible Bore Applecross

New submersible bore next to the river in Applecross
New submersible bore next to the river in Applecross

Our installation arm, Virgin Bores, has just successfully completed the installation of a new water bore in Applecross. The proximity to the river was a concern because of salinity levels so special design considerations were used. These included a high yield stainless steel screen. These screens, designed to allow higher volumes of water in than normal slotted PVC casing are able to be put in at a shallower depth. The less dense fresh water is above the underlying more dense water of higher salinity. Virgin Bores local knowledge helped arrive at a great outcome. Visit our main website or call us 7 days a week on 1300 734 300 or 0408 454 130