New submersible water bore Watermans Bay

In May 2015 John rang us for a quote for a submersible water bore at a vacant block he had bought in Watermans Bay.

It is a lovely surburb sandwiched between North Beach and Marmion. 

One of our team visited site and picked out the ideal location for the bore after viewing the plans for his Watermans Bay home.

Over two years later we are now drilling John his water bore. We will be drilling a 30 metre submersible water bore based on the Department of Water data base. This should ensure optimal water quality. 

We were recommended to John by a neighbour and we are specialist in drilling water bores along the coast. 

If you would like to talk to an expert about a water bore at your home call us on 92460111 or visit Virgin Bore’s website HERE

New Bore Baldivis

Today we are out quoting on a new submersible water bore in the Badivis area. The Baldivis property is a couple of acres. 

We are quoting a 40 metre submersible water bore which is suitable for the Baldivis property. We will install 100 ml slotted bore casing to the bottom 6 metres of this new submersible water bore and we will pack the slotted with drillers gravel to enhance the filtration. 

The Baldivis borehole will be equipped with a high quality stainless stell pump and motor. 

Winter is a great time to look at a new subsmersible water bore for your home. Call on 92460111 or go to our website HERE