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Repair Water Bore Reticulation Mosman Park

We had a call from a client in Mosman Park to say that her bore and reticulation was not working.

Our bore electrician attended  promptly and found that the start box was tripping due to a faulty bore start capacitor. The 50 MF faulty capacitor was replaced and all is working on both reticulation stations again.

The capacitor shown in pic had clearly evident grey “gunk” oozing out the bottom. Sometimes this is black.

Bore repair Mosman Park
Note the grey “gunk” oozing from this ruptured bore start capacitor

Often even an external smell test of the bore start box reveals a tell tale burnt smell when a capacitor has ruptured like this.

Faulty capacitor replaced by bore electrician
Replaced faulty capacitor

We informed our Mosman Park client some of the sprinklers were broken and more repair work was required.

If you are in the Mosman Park area or the surrounding areas of Cottesloe and North Fremantle and need prompt bore or reticulation service or repair call Troy on 9246 0111 or go to our website HERE

Water Bore Repair East Fremantle

This shot is taken from Angwin Street in East Fremantle.

We maintain four water bores in this beautiful street in East Fremantle. Even high on a cliff, next to the salty Swan River, you can get fresh water from a water bore.

Water bores in East Fremantle are typically drilled between 20 and 50 metres to water and are normally drilled through Tamara limestone, predominantly calcarenite.

If you have a water bore in the East Fremantle area or the surrounding areas of Palmyra or Bicton and your water bore needs repair, we know the area REALLY well!

Call on 9246 0111 or go to our website HERE

Good Reviews Water Bore & Reticulation Perth

Are you looking forward to spending some quality time in the garden this summer?


Well the good news is spring will be with us shortly in Perth. Now is probably a good time to test your reticulation and water bore to make sure you are ready.

The phones are getting busier with Perth customers looking for repair and service of their water bores and reticulation.

Peter let us know this week  “used them twice and always amicable and do a great job”

Lots of Perth people are installing new water bores and saving money. After Lee had a water bore installed he told us “Just had one put in and they did a great job”

If we can help you get ready for summer call us on 9246 0111 or go to our website HERE

Water bores save money
Savings money with a water bore

Water Bore Reticulation The Vines

As the weather improves Perth gardeners are getting ready for summer.

Today we had a number of calls from customers wanting their reticulation repaired. These included a sprinkler shooting straight up in the air, a customer looking for two solenoids in their front yard and sprinklers working intermittently. Our service teams are on the road and can fix your reticulation quickly, efficiently and economically. Call us on 9246 0111.

Our installation teams were at The Vines this week and drilled a 19 metre bore throughout silty clays. The Vines can be a challenging area for water bores but we got a good supply of groundwater.

If we can help you with installation or repairs of a water bore or reticulation call us on 9246 0111 or go to our website HERE

Another great result today by George and the team. Drilled a 19 metre bore through silty clays in a challenging area of The Vines. Proved up a good supply of groundwater. Photo credits to Jack.

Reticulation and Water Bore Perth

Our specialist water bore electrician Dave
Dave our specialist bore electrician


As the weather starts to improve Perth people start testing their reticulation and water bores getting ready for summer. Today we had calls from Manning and City Beach from customers whose reticulation needed repair. Call us on 9246 0111 to get your water bore or reticulation ship shape for spring/summer.

This week there was lots of blue sky and it was a beautiful day  when Dave our electrician and Jack our serviceman were working hard to connect a recently drilled submersible bore to this new home. A bit of surface limestone would trouble mere mortals but Dave will triumph!

If we can assist with repair or installation of a water bore or reticulation call us for a chat on 9246 0111 or go to our website HERE


Save money with a Water Bore in Perth

Winter is a quieter time for drilling water bores in Perth.

So take advantage of us!

This morning we have released some winter specials so you can have the best garden in the street this summer.

Check out the two packages in the West Australian and as well as saving hundreds of dollars on the price or a water bore in Perth, you will slash thousands off your water bill over he years.

It is for a limited time only, so if you have been thinking about a water bore in Perth call us on 9246 0111 or visit us SAVE MONEY

Information on Winter Sprinkler Bans

Tomorrow (June 1 2018)  you need to turn off your reticulation and water bore for the winter sprinkler bans. This involves households, businesses and councils in Perth, Mandurah and parts of the South-West and Great Southern.

Anyone who uses sprinklers from June to August risks a $100 fine.

Retic ban in Perth in Winter
Winter sprinkler Swutch-off in Perth from June 1 to August 31

Bore water users are allowed to flush sprinkler systems once a week on their normal rostered watering days, either before 9am or after 6pm, for 2 minutes per station to maintenance test their bore. Hand watering is permitted when needed. If you have just installed a new lawn you can apply for a new lawn exemption HERE

Any questions about the Winter Sprinkler Switch-Off can be answered at this Water Corporation website

Water Minister Dave Kelly reminded us that the switch-off saved about five billion litres of scheme water in winter 2017, enough water to fill up Optus Stadium five times.

Winter is a great time to consider a domestic water bore so you and your garden are ready for summer. Waiting times are shorter. Call us on 9246 0111 or go to our website HERE.


Burnt Capacitor in Bore Start Box

At this Ellenbrook job our specialist water bore electrician Dave found that the capacitor in the bore start box had ruptured. The client had called us on 9246 0111 when their water bore stopped working.

When our Ellenbrook client reported their bore wasn’t working we talked to them on the phone and asked a few questions to determine who was the best person to send.

As you will see pictured the start box cover was damaged by the burnt out capacitor. After we replaced the capacitor and start box we tested the motor electrically and all was OK. Our electrician carries a meggar tester specifically to send a signal down to the submersible pump motor and back up again to test it against known benchmarks.

Start Box has badly ruptured capacitor that needs replacing
Badly ruptured capacitor in submersible bore start box.

We have been in the bore drilling and repair business for nearly 20 years and will promptly diagnose bore faults and will repair in an economical and timely fashion. We carry the majority of spare bore and pump parts onboard.

Water bore and reticulation service
Water bore and retic service & repair

We provide a fast local bore and reticulation repair service to Ellenbrook, The Vines, Aveley, Brabham and all throughout the Swan Valley.

If you need your water bore or retic repaired call us on 9246 0111 or learn more HERE

Thanks for contacting us.