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Can I get a tap for my Garden Bore?

If you have a submersible garden water bore in the Perth Metropolitan area, we can install a tap off your bore. A tap from a water bore commonly has very high volume that is good for hand watering.

Bore Tap

Jean had a tap fitted to her garden bore and was very pleased with the results

If you would like to find our more about getting a tap fitted to your garden bore in the Perth and Peel region call 9246 0111 and we will run you through what is involved.

Can I automate my existing water bore & reticulation?

Existing manual bores or reticulation systems operated by on/off switches and gate valves can be a hassle. It is easy to automate the system taking the hassle out of juggling operation times.

Virgin Bores will supply and install a reticulation controller that will turn off your bore automatically. Automatically operated solenoid valves can replace manually operated gate valves. Compliance with your Perth rostered sprinkler watering days is then automatic.

More info on bore automation is found here. To have your sprinklers turn on automatically call Troy on 9246 0111

Water Bore Ellenbrook

Ellenbrook is a northeastern suburb of Perth about 20 km from the CBD in the City of Sean. Ellenbrook, and its neighbouring suburbs of The Vines and Aveley are a significant distance from neighbouring suburbs (thanks Wikipedia)

One of our drillers Ben used the trailer mounted rig on this modern submersible water bore in Ellenbrook. It was a 30 metre drill with static groundwater level at about 14m as expected.

A .75 Kw Submersible pump was used as it suited the existing retic with power to spare. šŸ˜ƒ

If you have been considering a modern submersible water bore in Ellenbrook, Aveley or The Vines call us on 9246 0111.

Water Bore South Perth

Location of water bore at this property in South Perth

Here we drilled an 18 metre modern submersible water bore for a customer at their home in South Perth.

Here is the report from the driller. Thanks Ben for a great job!

South Perth driller’s report

Tom returned and installed the pump at 12 metres at the top of the slotted casing.

He installed a bore box at the top of the bore which is covered over with sand so that bore is not only silent it is invisible.

If you live in South Perth or surrounding suburbs of Kensington or Como and would like to find out more about getting a water bore call us on 9246 0111 or check out our website here –

New Water Bore Mount Pleasant

Virgin Bores have just drilled a water bore at a home in Mount Pleasant.

The Mount Pleasant Water bore was drilled to 22 metres with a 1.1 kW submersible pump motor coupled with a multi stage wet-end.

The single phase water bore was electrically connected including a single phase start box.

We then plumbed it into the existing reticulation and disconnected the existing reticulation from the mains water supply,

If you live in Mount Hawthorn or the surrounding suburbs of Joondanna, Glendalough or North Perth call us on 9246 0111 or find out more here.

Supply and Install Tap and PRV

Tap and PRV BrabhamĀ 

Virgin Water Bores recently drilled, cased, developed and gravel packed a 18 metre submersible bore in the Perth suburb of Brabham.

A .75 kW submersible motor was used for the Brabham water bore.

In the next few days after the drilling the electrician and reticulation team connect the new water bore to existing reticulation and bore box.

Water bore BrabhamĀ 

As pictured, we also supplied and installed a tap and pressure release valve.

If we can help you with water bore repair in Brabham or a new water bore in Brabham, call Troy on 9246 0111 or find out more here

DID YOU KNOW – the Perth suburb of Brabham is in the City of Swan. It was formerly known as Henley Brook. It was gazetted in 2011 and was named after Australian Motor Racing Champion Sir Jack Brabham (Source: Wikipedia)

Deep Water Bore Heathridge

In our 20 years in the business we have repaired and drilled many modern submersible water bores in the northern Perth suburb of Heathridge.

Our drilling teams specialise in deeper water bites like one we drilled recently in Heathridge that was 52 metres. We understand how to construct the bore so it will silently operate bringing the householder a plentiful supply of water for many years to come.

We pride ourselves on customer service so it was great to get this email.

David was pretty chuffed to get it thanking him for the 52 metre bore drilled in Heathridge just hours after he connected it to the retic.

Thanks Bayer. And well done George!