Making Existing Bores Automatic- automating bores. Perth.

Visited two homes today, both coincidentally in Dianella, to advise on automating their bores. They were both typical old well style bores commonly seen in Dianella. Both bores were manually operated from a DOL starter and ran two separate  stations front and rear. Two gate valves were manually turned to send the water either to the front or back after the bore was started manually. This is a very typical early installation common in Perth bores.

To make a bore reticulation system automatic we firstly fit an outdoor reticulation controller and replace the manual gate valves with automatic solenoid valves. Our electrician then interfaces the retic controller to automatically turn on the bore starter via a 24v relay. We can automate either 3 phase or single phase bores. When the reticulation controller (timer) turns on the bore it opens the required solenoid valve at the same time and ” hey presto” the bore reticulation works automatically at the preprogrammed time! We program it to comply with Perth bore sprinkler roster days and the homeowner can “set and forget”.

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Water Bore Fusion Insurance Claims

As Perth metro sprinkler bans are about to end many Perth bore owners are testing their water bores for the first time this season……and some aren’t working! We has calls today from Fremantle, Lancelin, Two Rocks and Sorrento all with similar stories. “I’m starting my bore and the circuit breaker is tripping ( or fuse is blowing), what do I do?”. First thing is we send a bore electrician ( one who is experienced in pumps and bores ) with special equipment to test the circuits and windings of the motor. With submersible motors this can be done without winching the pump up. Remember if it is a fused bore pump motor it may be covered under household insurance. Also if the fault can be traced back to one of winters electrical storms it may be related, even damage from lightning induction, and this too may be subject to an insurance claim. This is a very good reason to have the matter attended to first by specialist bore repairers who can correctly diagnose the fault and possible cause. 1300 734 300 will reach us 24/7

Water Bore Perth Electrician -start capacitor.

Our water bore service hotline today received an anxious call from a gentleman in Two Rocks. He was doing the right thing and testing his water bore before sprinkler bans end in 5 days time (31/08/12).  A bit of “interrogation” over the phone and we were able to diagnose a blown bore start capacitor. He had removed the cover of the start box himself, which we must emphasise is NOT to be done as it is 240 volt and dangerous. A few questions and we determined it was a 40 microfad start/run capacitor that had blown. It was swollen with  evidence of grey “gunk” that had oozed out of it, typical when the start capacitor blisters and the end comes off or a hole gets blown in the side. No worries our bore service electrician will fit a new one on the way up to Mondays prebooked Woodridge bore repair.  The bore electrician will test his bore pump motor and confirm if that is all that is wrong. The adjacent pic is of how a start capacitor in a bore start box shoud look. Perfectly cylindrical and not blistered or swollen.

Water Boring Woodridge

Big day Monday in Woodridge as we are repairing an old water bore  that had a fused pump motor. Our service team should have no problems winching it the 55 odd metres to the surface and changing the submersible motor. Meanwhile our parent company will be drilling a new water bore to a depth of 50 metres in Birdwood Dve Woodridge. Give us a call on 1300 734 3000 with any water bore requirements in the area.

Bore Prime and Perth Sprinkler Bans

Today we had 3 calls from Perth customers with old well style bores. All had a similar story. They had not started their bores for quite a while and the pumps had lost prime. This indicates that most likely there is a slow leak in the check valve. No problems we can fix it…but it is wise to start thse old bores at least weekly. This is permitted up to 2 minutes per station for testing purposes during the Perth winter sprinkler bans.

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Member ADIA

Important to deal with ADIA membersWhen drilling a new bore or having repairs or service to your existing bore it is important to deal with a member of the Australian Drilling Industry Association. Water Bore Troubleshooters are part of Virgin Bores Perth , proud members of the ADIA for over 10 years. For any water bore advice or service and repair call 1300 734 300 or for North of River, Troy on 0408454130 or South of River, Brett on 0411511611

Low Flow Retic Bore?

On Friday we were called to an old submersible water bore in Attadale.  It had very typical low-flow issues with the reticulation system seeming to start OK with the sprinklers popping up robustly, but after a minute or two the sprinklers would start pulsating and go up and down. We see this commonly with old bores in the Perth metro area and often can be fixed.. This is a clear indication there is a bore yield issue with the inflow into the bore not meeting the outflow from the retic system. We pulled the pump and measured the depth to, and depth of, water and that was within normal range. Diagnosis: the borehole screens are blocked or surrounding ground clogged. This week we will chemically clean the bore hole then air develop it. Air developing  a water bore is where we pump compressed air down the borehole to clean the casing and evacuate particles. Typically this problem doesn’t present itself in bores  less than 15 years old unless there are bad iron oxide issues or low yield ground conditions. If you have a problem with flow from your bore then please call us on Perth 1300 734 300.