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Replace Reticulation Controller Perth

Thanks Angela for letting us know you were happy with the supply and installation of your new reticulation controller at your house in Armadale.

One of our specialist electricians installed a new 6 station reticulation controller. It has a back-up battery and a built in transformer hardwired into mains power and the installation of a multi core tail to solenoid location in ground.

If your reticulation controller needs replacing, call Troy on 9246 0111.

Repair Water Bore and Retic Perth

Our water bore and reticulation repair teams are on the road and are fully equipped when you call us on 9246 0111. We will give expert, prompt and friendly service.

Repair retic and water bores Perth
We will repair retic and water bore promptly and efficiently

You may see Adam out and about in the Renault. This small truck is ideal for carrying lots of black poly, our winch, pumps and all other equipment needed to repair your Perth water bore.

Adam will also pull up in your driveway if you have had a new bore drilled by the Virgin Water Bores team to install bore pump OR if your submersible pump needs to be pulled to the surface for service or repair.

Call us on 9246 0111 if your water bore needs repair.

NB During winter sprinkler switch off bore water users are allowed to flush sprinkler systems once a week on their normal rostered days and time for 2 minutes a station.

Repair water bore Perth
We will repair your water bore and be off to our next client

Winter is a great time to do any service and repair on your reticulation and water bores in Perth as we are not as busy as summer. If you are interested in getting a new bore there are also winter specials if you call Virgin Water Bores on 9246 0111 or check us out here




Bore Repair Lockridge

We have nearly 20 years experience in installing, repairing and servicing water bores in the Perth Metropolitan area. This means we have a depth of knowledge and experience to tackle any challenge.

Reticulation Connection in Lockridge

BUT not all bore connections are as hard as this one in Lockridge!

Connect new bore to older reticulation connection
Lockridge reticulation has to be connected to new bore

Our client was a church in Lockridge. We drilled a modern submersible water bore replacing their old style well with a tin lid.

Jack disconnected this retic system from the old bore and connected it to the new submersible bore we have just drilled.

As you can see all the fittings were waist deep in an old pit. Not pretty but nice work Jack!

Lockridge water bore connection to reticulation
Connection of old reticulation system to new water bore

So anywhere in the area Lockridge, Eden Hill or Kiara if you your water bore needs repair or you would like a new submersible water bore, call us on 9246 0111 or go to our website here

My solenoid is sticking open

A common problem in garden reticulation systems is solenoids sticking open. Read on for some DIY tips.

A customer that rang yesterday has reticulation off the mains and one of his solenoid valves was sticking open. His sprinklers were stuck on continuously unless he turned his water meter off. We explained over the phone how to locate their isolation gate valve so he could  turn off just his reticulation system until the problem was fixed.

HERE is a great “how to” find the solenoid valve guide with lots of facts and information of finding lost solenoids and what to do if they are sticking open.  It also contains tips on where the main retic shut off valve or tap should be,

The customer sent us this picture once they had found the gate valve. This main shut off valve shows an unorthodox connection with typical red wheel handle missing from the gate valve.

Isolation Valve

The customer was grateful for the assistance we were able to give over the telephone “Found and isolated. Thanks to you and your excellent website. We only moved in last December and my wife wants to redo the gardens so expect a call soon(ish) to renovate the entire reticulation system”

Thanks very much we are happy to help!

Note that some isolating  gate valves will have a red “wagon wheel” handle and when buried in moist sand these often become brittle and rusted over the years. Sometimes attempting to turn the valve breaks of the handle and a pair of multi-grips is called for to twist the shaft.

If you have lost your solenoid valve or it is broken call us on 9246 0111 and we will be happy to help you



Extend reticulation Trigg

This householder is doing some renovations and asked us to extend their reticulation system. We have installed, repaired and serviced hundreds of reticulation systems across the Perth metropolitan area.

Our man Jack spent about half a day at this coastal suburb of a Trigg and extended the reticulation so the garden will be watered in the warm summer months.

Jack’s main challenge was turning the reticulation controller on and off leaning over the wet cement in the garage.

We are very happy to fit in with whatever is happening at your house.

We have done a lot of reticulation work in Perth’s coastal suburbs of Trigg, Scarborough or North Beach

If you would like your reticulation serviced, repaired or installed call us on 9246 0111.

New Retic System West Swan

As well as servicing and repairing reticulation and water bores in the West Swan area. Virgin Bores install water bores and reticulation in the Swan Valley and surrounding suburbs including Viveash and Ellenbrook.

This reticulation installation job in West Swan was completed last week. This pretty bush garden is now reticulated and ready for summer. It took our guys David and Jack a few days to complete and everyone was pleased with the result.

If you want to get a new reticulation system in the West Swan area call David on 9246 0111 or get a reticulation quote HERE

Repair Water Bore Reticulation Mosman Park

We had a call from a client in Mosman Park to say that her bore and reticulation was not working.

Our bore electrician attended  promptly and found that the start box was tripping due to a faulty bore start capacitor. The 50 MF faulty capacitor was replaced and all is working on both reticulation stations again.

The capacitor shown in pic had clearly evident grey “gunk” oozing out the bottom. Sometimes this is black.

Bore repair Mosman Park
Note the grey “gunk” oozing from this ruptured bore start capacitor

Often even an external smell test of the bore start box reveals a tell tale burnt smell when a capacitor has ruptured like this.

Faulty capacitor replaced by bore electrician
Replaced faulty capacitor

We informed our Mosman Park client some of the sprinklers were broken and more repair work was required.

If you are in the Mosman Park area or the surrounding areas of Cottesloe and North Fremantle and need prompt bore or reticulation service or repair call Troy on 9246 0111 or go to our website HERE

Service Solenoid Valves Perth

We sent our man Joe out today to do a reticulation service job in Wembley after the customer had rung us on 9246 0111.

The client wanted his solenoid valves “cleaned up and put together under one big box”

Joe had to chop out most of the original work as shown in the first photo and start again. He cut out all the old valves and put in the new valves and re-plumbed it back in.

solenoids need fixing
Original solenoids installed in a manner like this are not easy to manage

Solenoid valves cleaned up
Solenoid valves reorganised and serviced

Now anyone who works on the reticulation system in the future can find all the solenoids easily saving time and money for any future repairs. The wiring is still to be connected up and the client was happy .

For any of your reticulations needs in Wembley or any Perth suburb call us on 9246 0111 or book a reticulation service online HERE

Gear-drive sprinklers for bore 

A great sprinkler to use with a water bore to irrigate large areas of lawn is a gear drive sprinkler.

A gear drive sprinkler or rotors are economical, low maintenance and are quiet when in operation.

Shown here there are 6 gear-drive sprinklers coupled to a 1.5 KW submersible pump. When fed from a water bore these gear drives are ideal for large properties such as this 2.5 acre property in the Perth suburb of Two Rocks.

Not only do we service and repair bores and reticulation systems but we also install reticulation system. If you want help with service design or install of reticulation in any Perth suburbs or inquire on line HERE

Replace reticulation controller Carine

Total Eden had passed on a reticulation repair job for a customer in Carine, a suburb of Perth. Thanks to the Carine customer for the great review on the job we did for her.

The customer had a bore and their reticulation controller was faulty. One of our retic service team confirmed the reticulation controller needed to be replaced and we replaced the controller the next day. It was a standard outdoor model with built-in transformer.

Reticulation Controller Perth
Pro 469 Reticulation Controller

Thanks to Total Eden for the referral and thanks to the Carine customer for the kind comments and feedback about the friendly & knowledgeable team.

Another happy customer

We have fixed or replaced hundreds of faulty reticulation controllers. If you have a problem with your reticulation controller call us on 9246 0111 or book a reticulation service online HERE

We service all Perth suburbs.

Virgin bores & reticulation all suburbs Perth
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