Sand in your bore?

Screen failed allowing in sand
Sand coming out of sprinkler

You’re never meant to see white sand coming from a sprinkler. In the case of this customer they had an old style well. The screen had failed which allowed in sand. It is very white sand that comes from water bearing ground that is washed almost iridescent over the years. Unfortunately no option but to either redrill a spear into the existing well or drill a new submersible bore. It was more economical here to opt for a new submersible water bore. Virgin Bores can help with any bore problem in Perth. Call is on 92460111.

Water bore Cottesloe

Cottesloe water bore
Drilling over low wall Cottesloe
Cottesloe bore over existing wall
Drilling Cottesloe water bore over wall
Water bore tight access coastal  suburbs
Getting casing ready for water bore Cottesloe

Last week our water bore drilling team drilled a water bore in a very difficult to access site in Cottesloe.

The front wall had already been built and there was no other way to back our drilling rig onto the property as the carport extended out to the footpath. We backed our drilling rig up to the low front wall so the platform overhung it. We then jack hammered out the footing of the wall and then drilled our 20 metre deep water bore in the raised garden bed.

With the mild salinity concerns in Cottesloe we are always cautious not to drill too deep here. The fresher water is less dense then the more saline water and consequently ‘floats’ on top.

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New reticulation system Noranda

We drilled a new submersible garden water bore here last week at this house in Noranda, now we
have installed a new reticulation system. With the extra flow from the bore versus mains scheme water we were able to run pop up sprinklers for the lawn on one station and separate micro sprays for the garden beds on another. The half sprinklers that face the house backing onto the kerb are prone to car tyre damage. So we installed come concrete surrounds to this line of sprinklers and those on the edge of the driveway.

New retic & bore Noranda
New reticulation system Noranda

With the installation of a water bore the client is now able to use their new Noranda sprinkler system three days a week instead of only two days allowed from mains water. This Noranda front garden is about to have a new lawn laid. They will be able to apply for a new lawn exemption and water the new lawn more often details here

While we were there, we popped our head over the side fence and took a look at the neighbor’s garden. We drilled a bore there last year and their garden looked great. Word of mouth gets us a lot of new bore and reticulation jobs.

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Drilling water bore in driveway

We got a call from a client in Sorrento who wanted a water bore but knew he had a real problem getting access for a drilling rig.

Neat hole in drive way ready for bore drilling
Neat hole in driveway ready for bore drilling

We couldn’t use any of our portable or smaller drilling rigs because the ground was mainly limestone. We knew from experience the limestone would go all the way down to his required depth of 28 metres and it needed the power of our truck mounted drilling rigs to be drilled successfully.

There were large brick walls around the entire property so the only option was to drill the bore in his driveway. Normally a simple job to drill a bore in a driveway if it is paving. Then we simply lift pavers, drill the bore, install and connect the submersible pump and then replace the pavers. But this driveway was poured aggregate. Customer was determined to get a bore. Solution…we arranged a contractor to cut a neat circular hole in the aggregate driveway.

Water bore drive way cut out
Water bore driveway cut out

We preserved the circular cut out. After bore drilling and installation this same cut out plug shown here was put back as the lid over our bore box. 

It was a very neat solution. Ring us with your Perth water boring challenge on 9246 0111 or visit us here.

Water bore start capacitor problem

Often we attend service calls to bore problems where the problem turns out to be the start capacitor.

Start capacitor and start box
Start capacitor and start box
Start capacitor in start box
Start capacitor in start box

In a single phase submersible bore pump the start capacitor is ordinarily in the 240 volt start box. Three phase submersible pumps do not have start capacitors. In some centrifugal pumps the capacitor can be mounted externally on the pump motor housing. It is surprising how often a faulty capacitor is missed as the cause of a bore pump problem particularly when tests are carried out by someone who is not specifically experienced in bore pump service work. Even trained general electricians can misdiagnose this simple problem.

Often a capacitor problem can spotted visually as a failed unit commonly swells or ruptures. A start capacitor should be perfectly cylindrical. Sometimes though a faulty capacitor can only be diagnosed by the serviceman actually testing it when disconnected. As the start box is mains powered it does need a licensed electrician or certified electrical worker to test and replace the start capacitor

Close up burnt bore start capacitor
Close up burnt bore start capacitor

One of our clients from Baldivis sent us these pics of inside his submersible water bore start box.

This is a single phase start box and is a particularly dramatic example of a blown start capacitor.

Burnt bore start capacitor in start box
Burnt bore start capacitor in start box

Our mobile bore service teams carry a variety of different size start capacitors and can quickly diagnose and fix this common bore problem. Call us on Perth 9246 0111.

Electrical bore problem Beechboro

Top of submersible bore
Top of submersible bore

Our specialist bore electrician recently was called to a Beechboro customer. The submersible bore was tripping the circuit breaker.

Dave our electrician tested the single phase submersible pump and all the electrical tests were OK but marginal.

There was an old metal start-box which was rusted out and dangerous. He replaced and rewired the start box with a new 1.5 kw rated box with matching 50 mf start capacitor. Dave replaced some dangerous connections at the bore head and retested everything. Given the apparent age of the submersible pump it will likely need replacing in the next few years. We have recommended that at that time the down hole electrical cable and stainless steel draw wire is also replaced.

We have a wealth of experiencing servicing bores and pumps throughout Perth. Give us a call if we can help you.