Bore Tripping in Hocking

A modern submersible water bore saves money and is normally low in maintenance.

If something does go wrong with your water bore, call us on 9246 0111 and we will help you fix it and be ready for the hot summer months in Perth.

Dave from Hocking called us because his bore was tripping. We sent our Dave, the electrician, to test the 1.5 kw submersible motor. It tested OK.  The pump was also running OK but after a while the start box overload tripped so Dave bypassed the faulty overload.


Also there were 6 programs with 6 start times in each, now there is only one program with one start time. The reticulation now comes on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday at 6 am for 10 mins on the 7 stations.

So Dave’s sprinklers are now coming on and he is all organised for summer.

General Lawn Sprinkler

So if you are in Hocking or the surrounding areas of Wangara or Wanneroo and your water bore needs fixing call Troy on 9246 0111 or book an online service HERE

Where does the start box for the bore go?

When we drill a modern submersible water bore we install a bore start box which is the 240 V control equipment for the bore.

Normally the submersible bore start box is next to the meter box or adjacent to the retic controller on an outside wall of the home.

Our bore electrician Dave had a bit of detective work to do to locate the 240v control for this single phase Lowara submersible bore pump in Ballajura. Bore start box located in roofIt was in the roof which was quite unusual.

This call out to Ballajura was to repair a tripping circuit breaker. It was the Lowara motor down hole that was faulty.

We service and repair all types of bore pumps, electrical faults and reticulation in Ballajura and surrounding areas. Call Troy on 9246 0111 or check out our website HERE

Burnt Plastic in Bore Box

Our bore electrician Dave attended a bore service job in East Fremantle to repair a  water bore reported electrically failing.

The water bore is approximately 50 metres deep with a 1.5 kw Sumoto submersible motor. Dave reported the motor tested OK.

East Fremantle burnt out capacitor
Burnt capacitor in start box

However, the start capacitor in the bore start box was completely blown and part of the start box was melted. So Dave replaced 50MF capacitor for new. He then ran the bore and retic and tested and it was all working OK. Note the ruptured start capacitor. The grey ” gunk” oozing out is typical when a capacitor swells and bursts. This one had burnt and blown more than we normally see. Our customers had smelt the burnt odour walking past the bore control box.

If we can help you with a broken water bore in the East Fremantle, Bicton, Palmyra or surrounds call 9246 0111 or book a bore service online.

Submersible Bore Tripping Mount Pleasant

James from Mount Pleasant phoned regarding his submersible pump that was tripping the circuit breaker.    (Call us anytime on 9246 0111 if you need help too)

The water bore was drilled in his driveway and it was very useful to know that the paver to show where the bore was located was a different color. As pictured the bore head was was covered by an old concrete lid pit.

Mt Pleasant submersible water bore needs repair
Head of submersible water bore under pavers in driveway

Our senior experienced bore electrician Dave reported the motor was about 8 years old. The 1.1 kw 2 wire subbie motor was dead short to earth and although the motor’s windings appeared to be intact the internal capacitor had ruptured. So we replaced it with a new 1.1 kw sunbmersible pump motor and replaced the start box and junction box.

Bore electrical junction box
We replaced the junction box too. This joins the cables coming up from the pump to the cables going to the house.

We have drilled and repaired many water bores in Mt Pleasant,  Applecross,  Bateman  Ardross and surrounds. We are very experienced with the conditions in the area. If your water bore or retic is in need of repair call us on 9246 0111 or check out our main website HERE



New Retic System West Swan

As well as servicing and repairing reticulation and water bores in the West Swan area. Virgin Bores install water bores and reticulation in the Swan Valley and surrounding suburbs including Viveash and Ellenbrook.

This reticulation installation job in West Swan was completed last week. This pretty bush garden is now reticulated and ready for summer. It took our guys David and Jack a few days to complete and everyone was pleased with the result.

If you want to get a new reticulation system in the West Swan area call David on 9246 0111 or get a reticulation quote HERE

Old Bore Well Needs Repair Dianella

Jeremy from Dianella phoned us this week saying that the pump on his old style bore well was tripping and was in need of repair.

Our specialist water bore electrician was the man for the job! There was one well liner and it was in the back yard. Most of the bores in the lower lying parts of Dianella are quite shallow. Some up on the hill can be very deep!

old bore Dianella repaired
The isolation switch on the side of this bore well was faulty.

Although the three phase centrifugal pump motor tested OK there was a dead short between phases and the isolator had burnt out wiring.

Bore pump fixed Dianella
This bore pump isolation switch in the well was the culprit

Dave replaced the isolator and renewed all the wiring and the bore pump is working again.

If you have a bore problem and need to get an old style well with a tin lid repaired call us on 9246 0111 or visit our website HERE

Fix bore Greenwood

David from Greenwood phoned us on 9246 0111 last week. We have installed and repaired many modern submersible water bores in the Greenwood, Madeley, Marangaroo and Warwick areas. His submersible pump motor was tripping.

We will talk your problems through on the phone and send the right tradesman so we can fix your modern submersible bore quickly and economically.

In this case we sent Dave our specialist water bore electrician. He has worked on literally thousands of water bores across the Perth metro area.

Greenwood water bore needs repair
Faulty water bore Greenwood

The customer’s  2 wire submersible motor was completely seized, when running it was drawing over 42 amps. It was a totally manual operation with plugs into an adjacent water proof power point which is fed by its’s own circuit breaker/RCD in meter box. All the other bore electrics tested OK.

Modern submersible water bore repaired
Greenwood water bore repair

So we returned to fit new barrel union, new cable down hole and new submersible pump wet-end.

David from Greenwood’s bore and retic are now ready for summer. How about you?

Call Troy on 9246 0111 or book a bore service HERE


Repair Water Bore Reticulation Mosman Park

We had a call from a client in Mosman Park to say that her bore and reticulation was not working.

Our bore electrician attended  promptly and found that the start box was tripping due to a faulty bore start capacitor. The 50 MF faulty capacitor was replaced and all is working on both reticulation stations again.

The capacitor shown in pic had clearly evident grey “gunk” oozing out the bottom. Sometimes this is black.

Bore repair Mosman Park
Note the grey “gunk” oozing from this ruptured bore start capacitor

Often even an external smell test of the bore start box reveals a tell tale burnt smell when a capacitor has ruptured like this.

Faulty capacitor replaced by bore electrician
Replaced faulty capacitor

We informed our Mosman Park client some of the sprinklers were broken and more repair work was required.

If you are in the Mosman Park area or the surrounding areas of Cottesloe and North Fremantle and need prompt bore or reticulation service or repair call Troy on 9246 0111 or go to our website HERE

Water Bore Repair East Fremantle

This shot is taken from Angwin Street in East Fremantle.

We maintain four water bores in this beautiful street in East Fremantle. Even high on a cliff, next to the salty Swan River, you can get fresh water from a water bore.

Water bores in East Fremantle are typically drilled between 20 and 50 metres to water and are normally drilled through Tamara limestone, predominantly calcarenite.

If you have a water bore in the East Fremantle area or the surrounding areas of Palmyra or Bicton and your water bore needs repair, we know the area REALLY well!

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