Wembley Downs bore water with great flow and clear water

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Great flow and crystal clear water from a Perth water bore.

Home owner has clear Wembley bore water
Clear bore water from new bore in Wembley

Here Virgin Bores are testing the flow from a recently drilled submersible water bore in Wembley Downs, a coastal suburb of Perth.

The bore was drilled and cased to a total depth of 30 metres, the static water table was at 17 metres and the submersible pump was hung at 23 metres, just above the slotted screen. This is an average depth for Wembley Downs.

It has just been wired up by the electrician and the home owner was excited to be fresh new bore water gush out on the first test pumping.

We also service and repair water bores in Wembley Downs so give us a call anytime on 9246 0111 or read more about water bores HERE

Happy bore service customers.

Thanks very much to two bore service customers, Frank and Mike, for the great comments on the jobs we recently completed for them. We will pass the excellent feed-back onto our team. If one of our bore service team can help you call on 9246 0111.

Happy customer
Happy customer

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We would like to thank you all for the very prompt and efficient service. We were absolutely thrilled with your response to our initial enquiry, the no fuss follow up to look at the problem and the very quick and professional way you have handled the situation.

Its a long time since we dealt with tradesmen who have delivered on their promise – and more.

We would certainly not hesitate to recommend your services and will ensure that your company is added to our preferred list of contractors for our local club


New water bore Ellenbrook

Today we drilled a successful water bore in Ellenbrook.

If you are thinking of getting a submersible water bore in the Ellenbrook or surrounding suburbs it is good to know what is happening in your area.

When we drilled this Ellenbrook bore it was 13 metres to water. So we drilled the bore 27 metres deep to maximise flow and guarentee longevity of the supply of water. The 1.1 kw submersible pump we installed easily delivered 95 litres per minute. We will join some of the existing reticulation stations together to accommodate this flow which is nearly triple that being delivered by mains scheme water. Our driller marked the water quality eight of ten for clarity.

Ellenbrook bore just drilled and cased
Ellenbrook bore just drilled and cased

The picture here is of the bore just after drilling and casing. It was air developed and gravel packed and is now waiting for our team to install the submersible pump. After pump installation the casing will be cut down and everything will be finished off underground with the lawn replaced. In a few weeks time you won’t be able to have seen we have even been there. The submersible pump will operate silently at the bottom of the bore casing delivering fresh, free ground water to this Elelnbrook garden.

If we can help you with a water bore in the Ellenbrook area call us on 92460111 and we would be happy to help you.

New submersible water bore Marangaroo

Drilling a new water bore in Marangaroo
Drilling a new water bore in Marangaroo

Drilling a new submersible garden bore today in Marangaroo.

The depth to water (static water table) was quite deep at 42 metres, because the house was high up on a hill. We drilled to 54  metres in total. This gives 12 metres of water in the bore casing.

We will be installing a 1.5 kw (2hp) submersible pump which at this depth will deliver about 80 litres a minute. This will be double what the customer currently gets from mains water supply.

We will connect the bore to the existing reticulation sprinkler systems. We will join several stations together to come on at the same time to use the extra flow.

This Marangaroo bore was drilled in a day and mainly drilled through compacted sand. This was a messy job due to the drilling muds flowing backwards on a forward sloping block. Fortunately we are licensed to use the street’s high pressure fire hydrant and will use this water to wash down and clean up.

If you have any questions about a water bore in Marangaroo or surrounding suburbs Girrawheen, Koondoola, Alexander Heights, Landsdale and Darch call one of the guys on 9246 0111.


Drilling a water bore when building

Submersible bore drilled waiting for pump
Submersible bore drilled waiting for pump

If you are building a new house and thinking of having a new submersible water bore installed then we would normally do it in two stages.

Stage 1 – Drill, case and air develop the bore hole itself. As long as access for a drilling rig is not going to be restricted. This can be done just after the slab is placed or after the house is built.

This Perth customer knew access was doing to be restricted by limestone perimeter walls he was building so we drilled the bore hole when it was just a vacant lot. The bore casing left protruding above ground so it was obvious and protected from damage.

Stage 2 – After the house is completed and power connected we will return and install the submersible pump and motor. The bore casing will be cut off below ground and everything is connected.

If we can help you with a new submersible water bore at your new home please call one of the team on 9246 0111.