Repair water bore Como

We work for many real estate agents in Perth servicing and maintaining the water bores for their rental properties. We are sent a maintenance work order when a water bore isn’t working and we liaise with the tenants to repair the water bore.

Como Bore Fixed

We were asked last week to get our electrician to check a bore at a rental property in Como. The electrics were fine but it was not pumping water. Dave had to search around this corner block and eventually found a conduit and pump cable going to ground in the carport. He uncovered the tell-tale green lid of a submersible bore.

Como water bore repair
Conduit and submersible pump cable found near carport

He found there was no water at the top of the bore head. We returned and winched up the submersible pump and replaced some blown poly.

Flat retic controller battery

Some detective work by Dave uncovered that the mains power had gone off and the reticulation controller had auto reset for 10 minutes into all stations and the pump had been dead-heading. Non existent  stations had been turning on the pump with nowhere for the water to go. This had caused the poly rising main to blow near the submersible pump. All caused because the back up battery had been flat and not preserved the program memory. We replaced the flat 9 volt retic controller battery for new. We also looped out the unused stations to prevent this happening again.

Both the tenant and the property owner are happy and the water bore at the Como property is up and running. If your water bore or retic system needs repair or service in the Como or South Perth area call Troy on 9246 0111 or book a bore service here


Deep Water Bore City Beach

Virgin Water Bores drilled a very deep 80 metre water bore at a home in City Beach.

The home is on a hill which is the reason it is so far to water. Virgin Bores drilled the water bore through lime-stone and sand.

In the video watch as Adam installs the 1.5 kilowatt 2 hp modern submersible pump down this bore hole…. which is equivalent to 24 stories! We ensured everything needs was perfect so it can sit down there for 20 years with minimal repairs and maintenance for this City Beach garden bore.

It is dropped into white PVC class 9 bore casing and hung above the 6 metres of slotted casing at the bottom of the borehole.

If you want to know more about getting a water bore for your home in any Perth suburb, to save money and have a beautiful lush garden call Virgin Bores on 9246 0111 or request a bore quote here

Bore not working in South Perth

A resident of South Perth was concerned as their reticulation was not working and they contacted us on 9246 0111.

They reported that they could hear the typical “çlunk” sound  as the contactor engaged when they started the bore pump from their retic controller.

Our electrician found that the one horsepower Sumoto submersible motor was not fused. The motor windings appeared to be intact but there was a complete dead short to earth.

His recommendation was that we replace the submersible motor, wet-end and electrical cable down the bore hole for new. He disabled and taped up motor tails in the borehead junction box and all the other electrics tested OK.


South Perth bore head junction box
See the bore start box to the left of the retic controller

So another member of the team returned and replaced the .75KW submersible motor, 15 metres of electrical and stainless and barrell union. All tested OK and another South Perth water bore was back up and running for the hot summer months ahead.

When there is a problem with a water bore it takes experience and skill to diagnose the problem and repair efficiently, quickly and economically for the Perth householder.

We have been repairing Perth water bores for 20 years and have been faced with most problems when repairing a water bore, Call us on 9246 0111 or book a bore service here


Old style well repair Stirling

There are many old style wells in the Stirling and Balcatta  areas. The area has a very rich history of market gardens.

Dave, our specialist bore pump electrician was asked to have a look at a four liner well at a property in Stirling that was not working.

He found the the 3 phase DOL starter was OK and the pump was actually running but there was no water. We tried to prime but the water was dropping away and not filling at all. He quickly found that it was the check valve that was faulty. So one of our service team will return and replace.

As you can see there is a good safe ladder for our guys to use to repair the well.  We are often faced with unsafe ladders which make our job impossible. Because of safety requirements we will only repair wells that are up to four liners deep.

Stirling well repair
Four liner old style well needs repair in Stirling

If you are in the Stirling or Balcatta area and have an old style well in need of repair call Troy on 9246 0111. If it can’t be repaired consider a modern submersible bore. We can help you with that as well!

Check out our website HERE

Drill new bore Baldivis

Virgin Water Bores recently drilled a new bore in Baldivis.

The last man onsite is normally our Jack who connects the bore to the existing reticulation system and tests that everything is OK.

He then makes sure the stations are balanced. This means he often doubles up existing retic stations so two come on at once to accommodate the higher flow from a bore. He then tidies up and makes sure everything is working perfectly before handing over the job to the customer.

The existing retic controller now turns on the bore for a supply of free groundwater, programmed to come on an extra day a week as allowed. This bore is carefully concealed under the paved driveway.

For a quote on a new submersible garden bore please call us on 9246 0111 or enquire online.

Bore not working Bassendean

Earlier this month our specialist bore electrician went to a client’s home in Bassendean to test a three phase centrifugal pump motor. It was reported that the bore was not working.

The pump was running but there was no water. It was a 2 liner well on the right hand side of the driveway.

Bassendean bore well needs repair
Old style well in Bassendean needs priming

We primed the well and all is working OK and tested OK.

Tested OK after repair well in Bassendean
Testing pump after repair of Bassendean old style well

If you have an old style well with a tin lid in the Bassendean area or the surrounding areas of Beechboro or Bayswater that is in need of repair we are the experts after nearly 20 years in the business.

Call us on 9246 0111 or book in a bore service here

Water Bore Repair Fremantle

A client in Fremantle wanted us to look at his water bore.  The brick pit around the top of the bore certainly confirmed that this was indeed a very early submersible bore. He was told he had old casing that had been breached that was no good. He wanted a second opinion.

We test pumped the water bore at 80 litres a minute for 35 mins and found the bore water was very dirty for the first 5 minutes. For 30 minutes it then pumped flawlessly. Good flow and clear bore water.

Fix water bore East Fremantle
Very early submersible bore East Fremantle

Our serviceman’s notes brought a smile to the customer’s face. It appears the initial diagnosis had been wrong.

“10:30-12:00    Test pumped at 80lpm for 35 mins Was very dirty for five mins

Small amount of plant matter coming up could be from dirt that had fallen from above ground”

It’s a good bet that this bore will run for a good many more years after we install a new submersible pump.


Do I repair my old style well?

You will see many old style wells with a tin lid around Perth. Many are up to 70 years old and some have been dug by the home owner in the ’50’s and ’60’s.

My father dug the well for our family home in Applecross and it is still working.

Applecross bore repair
This old well-style bore is still limping along but will eventually need replacing. A submersible bore will be the way to go.

Many older Perth well style bores still giving faithful service after years of pumping bore water to the garden. Our specialist service team can keep them ticking over with a few industry tricks, priming solutions and centrifugal pump replacements.

Call us on 9246 0111 and we will talk you through the repair of your water bore well style or book a bore service HERE

Sadly though sometimes they are beyond economical repair and need to be “retired”. The best solution can be replacing with a modern submersible bore. Submersible bores have a small green lid which is usually ‘hidden’ under the lawn or garden. Submersible pumps are silent and very economical.

Call Virgin Bores to discuss a new submersible bore for your home and ask us how will it work, how long it will take and how economical will it be. Want to get an idea of cost for a new water bore at your house click HERE

Bore Repair Kingsley

We have been in Kingsley testing a 1.5 kw Red Jacket pump motor after Daryl rang us with problems with his submersible water bore. It has given faithful service as it is approximately 24 years old.

burnt junction box water bore repair kingsley red jacket pump
Check out the burnt out junction box in this bore in Kingsley. Down hole is a submersible Red Jacket pump.

Ultimately the pump motor tested OK for our specialist bore electrician Dave but the original tests read dead short to earth. He found that the junction box in the borehead was completely burnt out. Dave replaced the junction box for new and all is working again. He did a Tong Test which was at 11 amps well within range.

red jacket bore pump Perth
Initial tests on this submersible bore showed a dead short to earth suggesting that the Red Jacket pump motor had failed.

Dave drilled several holes in the bottom of the junction box to allow water to drop out and not fill up in the future.

We have drilled and repaired a number of modern submersible water bores in the Kingsley area and the surrounding suburbs of Padbury and Woodvale so we understand the ground water conditions in the area. Call us on 9246 0111 or go to our website HERE

Electrical Problem with Bore Ballajura

“We have what appears to be an electrical problem with our garden bore at home and would like to arrange for someone to take a look at it”

No problems Paul. Dave our specialist bore electrician attended this job in Ballajura. Electrical tests showed the Sumoto submersible motor was “not fused” and the motor windings were intact but there was a complete dead short to earth.

electrical fault with Ballajura bore pump
Our tests revealed this Ballajura submersible bore had a dead short to earth and the submersible pump motor needed replacing.

We returned and replaced the submersible motor and start box. Now our Ballajura customer is ready for the warm summer months in Perth.

We have been in the bore, pump and retic business for nearly 20 years and have seen just about all the problems that can occur with your water bore. If you live in the Ballajura area and your bore needs repair call us on 9246 0111 or book a bore repair online

Our bore and retic service teams will get your system back up and running fast.