Iron oxide problem on Perth submersible Bore

Look at the iron oxide on this submersible pump.
Look at the iron oxide on this submersible pump.

We winched this submersible bore pump to the surface recently in an outlying Perth suburb. No prizes for guessing this Perth bore has an iron oxide problem. The bore pump was covered in orange slime.

Iron oxide bacteria can clog bore screens and reduce flow. Call us 24/7 on 1300 734 300 to discuss solutions or visit our main website

Water Bore Forrestfield

We have finished drilling a new submersible water bore for a large commercial property in Forrestfield. This Forrestfield bore will be used to irrigate extensive street verges and gardens. Drilling bores in Forrestfield can be tricky with potential salinity and flow concerns.

Fantastic result today though.

After air developing this commercial bore we obtained a plentiful supply of beautiful water. We have installed a three phase 2.2 kw submersible pump giving about 140 litres per minute. This picture shows us washing out the mud tank in which the water and bentonite were mixed.

For any information on rotary mud drilling process, call our new bore drilling teams on 1300734300 to discuss your water bore requirements or visit

Cleaning out the mud tank after drilling a commercial bore in Forrestfield.
Cleaning out the mud tank after drilling a commercial bore in Forrestfield.

Thanks Bore Electrician Kewdale and Pump Replacement Carine

It is great to hear from happy customers and hear good reviews. Thank you! 9246 0111

Thanks for sending our specialist bore electrician to Kewdale
Thanks for sending our specialist bore electrician to Kewdale

Our experienced bore electrician Dave attended Russell’s Kewdale property, checked his system and supplied and fitted a new reticulation controller.

We also attended Philip’s Carine property where we replaced his .75 kw 2 wire submersible motor / pump and tested that everything was OK.

“Thank you for your teams excellent work just prior to Christmas. Having the bore operational again has been fantastic. Once again thank you and I am happy to recommend your services to anyone. Regards Phillip.”

If we can assist you with specialist bore electrical advise or pump replacement visit our website  HERE or phone Troy (ask him how his fishing is going) on 9246 0111

Deep Bore in Wembley Downs

Virgin Bores has just drilled a deep new submersible water bore in Wembley Downs 9246 0111.

By Perth metropolitan area standards it was very deep at 62 metres. The house is on top of the hill near the water tower. We know in advance how far we have to drill as we look at the depth to water in the Perth Groundwater Atlas on the Department of Water website HERE

Pictured here is a trailer mounted air compressor. We use this via the roll of pipe seen on the back of the truck to pump compressed air down the newly drilled bore. This is called “air developing” and flushes the introduced drilling muds out of the borehole and helps develop water flow from the superficial aquifer before we install the submersible pump.

Once we drill a water bore we can design a new retic system if needed and will look after our clients ongoing needs to service their bore and retic in the Wembley, Wembley Downs, City Beach and Doubleview areas.

Call Virgin Bores 7 days a week on 9246 0111 if you would like an online quote on a new water bore anywhere in Perth check us out HERE

Trailer mounted air compressor.
Trailer mounted air compressor.