Reticulation & Bore Service Peak Period

On September 1, that’s only 15 days away, winter sprinkler bans end and 100’s of thousands of Perth homes will turn their bores and retic on for the first time for the season. A good many of these sprinkler systems or water bores will require attention. There will be the usual hectic rush by our servicemen to meet 100′ s of urgent calls and there will be invariable delays. But there’re is a solution.

Test your bore or reticulation system NOW.

Weekly testing is allowed during Perth sprinklers bans and it helps you keep your bore or retic in good working order. Pumps, check valves and solenoid valves all like frequent use as do sprinkler shafts. Testing now means there is plenty of time to call us if there is a problem. Remember  also to change your reticulation controller battery if required.  If you wish to book a reticulation or bore service call Troy on 0408454130.