Replace Reticulation Controller Hillarys


Our service teams have fully stocked vans and are on the road ready to repair your modern submersible bore or reticulation systems in all Perth suburbs.

Our specialist service team was fully stocked for this job to replace an eight station controller in the beautiful Perth coastal suburb of Hillarys.

Replacing retic controller
Retic controller needs replacing

We replaced this 8 station controller for new and programmed the new controller for the client at 6am three days a week. The client has a water bore so is able to water their garden and lawn 3 days a week whereas householders on mains water can only water 2 days a week.

Irragation Australia

Replacing Hillary's retic controller
Hillary’s retic controller

If your reticulation controller needs replacing give us a call on 9246 0111 for prompt and economical service or we can call you

Repair Water Bore Leeming

Mel asked us to look at the modern submersible water bore at his son’s house south of the river in Leeming.

Top of water bore in Leeming
Leeming submersible water bore

We sent our specialist bore electrician Dave to do a range of tests to work out the problem. He tested the single phase two wire submersible motor and found it was fused. The motor start winding is damaged by rupture of internal capacitor.

In some cases a fused motor can be claimed on the householders insurance.

Repair water bore Leeming

Our service teams will return to replace the motor so the householders bore and reticulation will be up and running.

If your modern submersible water bore needs repair south of the river call us on 9246 0111 or we will ring you about your bore repair

Bore Not Starting Tapping

Mark from Tapping phoned us on 9246 0111 to say his bore was not working.

We sent our specialist bore electrician Dave to test the single phase two wire motor which tested OK. Good news!

Borehead of Tapping water bore
Top of Tapping water bore

He found the 24 volt relay was faulty and replaced it for new. All is working again on 3 stations with all readings OK.

Tapping water bore repaired
Tests OK after relay replaced

If you live in the Tapping area or the surrounding suburbs of Wanneroo, Banksia Grove or Joondallup and your modern submersible water bore or old well is not working and needs repair call us on 9246 0111

FYI (source Wikipedia)

Tapping is a suburb of Perth, Western Australia, located within the City of Wanneroo. It came into being in the early 1990s as a subdivision of Wanneroo, originally as part of the Carramar estate. Tapping was chosen as the suburb name in honour of an early settler family in the Wanneroo area. Mr William Tapping arrived in 1886 and Molly and Dolly Tapping were long time Postmistresses in Wanneroo. The name for the suburb was approved in 1997.

Repair Old Well Queens Park

Dave our specialist bore electrician attended a job in Queens Park where it was reported the centrifugal pump for an old well wasn’t working.

The single phase Davey Boremaster tested OK so he replaced the 30 mf capacitor for new and the water bore is working again.


However he did note on his report that there were distinct mechanical sounds and he was not sure how long the pump would last before it fails mechanically.

If your old well water bore needs repair and you are in Queens Park or the surrounding areas of Welshpool, Cannington or Bentley call us on 9246 0111 or check out our website

Repair Water Bore Trigg

The modern submersible water bore at property in the Perth coastal suburb of Trigg wasn’t working.

The reticulation controller seemed normal and the green light on side of bore start box was still coming on. Nothing tripping in meter box.

The man for the job was Dave, our bore electrician, who has been solving these sorts of mysteries for years.

He tested everything and found the fault with the illuminated green rocker switch on the bore control box

He isolated it and this Trigg modern submersible water bore and the reticulation now working with crystal clear water.


If your water bore needs repair call us on 9246 0111 or we will call you

Repair Well Noranda

One of our jobs this week was from a customer in Noranda whose tripping centrifugal pump motor needed repair.

We sent Dave our specialist bore electrician who tested the single phase Lowara pump motor. It tested OK.

Pump motor of old well in Noranda
Noranda Lowara centrifugal pump motor

On further investtigation he found the 50mF capacitor was faulty so replaced it with a new 45mF capacitor. He replaced the 9V battery for new in the controller.

Why is it important to replace the 9V battery in the reticulation controller?

Retic controllers have batteries to preserve the memory that has been programmed in the event of a mains power fail.

The battery is normally only 9 volts and does not have the power to operate solenoid valves or pump start relays. Solenoid valves and most other irrigation devices operate on 24 volts. Most retic controllers are 240 volt mains powered with a transformer that steps down to 24 volt to operate the individual irrigation devices. It may seem like a minor inconvenience if you have a flat 9 volt battery in your controller as at first glance one would think it is not a big issue if you lose mains power and the controller has to be reprogrammed.

BUT it can have nasty consequences if the controller operates a bore.

If mains power is lost to quite a few brands of reticulation controllers and there is no back up battery then when mains power is restored the controller resets all programming to factory default which is often 10 minutes per station per day. This may then turn the bore on to stations that don’t exist and the pump runs with nowhere for the water to go. This can damage the pump or pipe work of the bore.

Old Style Well in Noranda is repaired

Dave reprogrammed the controller for the customer for their watering days of Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.

The Noranda customer’s old style well is repaired and they have water.

If you live in Noranda or the surrounding areas of Morley or Dianella and your old bore needs repair call us on 9246 0111 or learn more here

Lawn Care in Perth

“Gardening in Western Australia” is a booklet produced by the Western Australian Newspapers. We are not sure when but needless to say it was a long time ago.

We found it in the office while doing a clean up and it is a lovely read.

Some of the subjects covered included fertilizer, growing annuals, trees & shrubs, Camellias & Azaleas deserve popularity, getting the best out of fruit trees & the kitchen garden.

In one articles on lawn care by Nick Bell, we love the description of a domestic lawn as “the vibrantly beautiful carpet of the out-door living room

Garden Mag 2

This City Beach lawn looks fantastic.

In 2019 we can care for your gardens and lawn with modern submersible water bores & modern reticulation systems. We install and repair all over the Perth metro area.

Call us on 9246 0111 read more about us here

Fix Old Bore Yangebup

One of our recent bore repair jobs was a centrifugal pump motor tripping the circuit breaker in the backyard of this property in Yangebup. You can see the rusted and partially collapsed tin lid of the bore well in this picture.

Bore safety

As an aside it reminded us all old style bore well lids should be secured. Take a look here on bore safety.

Tin lid of old well in backyard of a property in Yangebup
Yangebup old bore needs fixing

Dave, our specialist bore and pump electrician attended the job and found there was a 3 liner well with bore pump located on wooden boards 2 liners down.

Fix 3 liner well Yangebup
3 liner  bore well Yangebup


Pump failed mechanically

The 3 phase pump and motor had failed mechanically and was just humming. The pump had not fused and was fine electrically but need replacement.

We returned and supplied and installed a 2.2 kW 3 phase centrifugal pump and fittings.

Our customer now has bore water again.

Mobile bore repairs

If you are in Yangebup or the surrounding areas of South Lake, Bibra Lake or Spearwood and your old bore well needs repair call us on 9246 0111 or book your repairs here

Bore Repair Armadale

Patrick from Armadale rang us on 9246 0111 when his submersible pump motor was not working.

We sent our specialist bore electrician, Dave.

Bore control in roof space

The Franklin Electric 1.5 kW  single phase bore pump start box was in the roof space with 24 volt relay behind meter box panel. This is a very unusual place to find the bore  controls as the start box contains the capacitor and overload circuits. Also unorthodox place to position the 24 volt relay that accepts the start signal from the retic controller.

Pump running but no water

The pump motor was running but only drawing 7.7amps which is more consistent with  a 1.1kW not a 1.5kW submersible pump motor.

Top of submersible bore under lawn

Dave exposed the bore head which was located in the front lawn. The top of the bore was just under the lawn with the typical green lid. There was no barrel union (threaded coupling) so he drilled a small hole in the top of the PVC pipe connected to the retic system and found there was no water in it as would be normal. This could signify a check valve failed in the pump or a blown poly line that brings the bore water to the surface.

Return to pull out submersible pump

Our next step will be to winch up the pump motor to investigate further and then repair this Armadale water bore. Our submersible pump winch team is booked to return.

If you are in the Armadale area or any Perth suburb and your water bore needs repair call us on 9246 0111 or book your bore repair here

Repair Water Bore Mindarie

One of our recent jobs involved a submersible pump motor not working. We had installed the modern submersible water bore in 2005.

Dave our specialist bore electrician was the man for the job. He attended at the Mindarie home and tested the 1.5KW pump motor and it tested OK.

As you can see here it was a blown 50 MF Capacitor. He replaced for new and the customer’s water bore is up and running without too much trouble or cost.

If you live in Mindarie or the surrounding suburbs of Clarkson or Quinns Rock we have been repairing water bore in Perth’s coastal suburbs for years. If your water bore needs repair call us on 9246 0111 or book a bore service online