Bore Repairs Dalkeith

Our mobile service teams are ready to repair your bore, borepump or reticulation, in Dalkeith, Nedlands and Claremont. 

If you have a problem with your bore or reticulation system give us a call on 9246 0111 and we will get you back up and running promptly. 

For more information on the repair and service of your bore or reticulation check out our website HERE

Our bore electrician will test diagnose and repair any electrical faults. We specialise in replacing fused or burnt out bore pump motors which may be the subject of an insurance claim. 

We repair anything to do with water bores or reticulation sprinkler systems including replace reticulation controllers. 

Perth Shared Water Bore 

Joe, our bore and reticulation man, has been busy.  He is connecting a neighbour to an existing submersible water bore in the northern Perth suburb of Pearsall. If you are interested in sharing a water bore with your neighbour call us on 9246 0111

With a shared water bore each house can use its own reticulation controller to run the submersible pump on their own watering days.

Joe disconnected the reticulation system of the neighbour and this is generally done at the master solenoid valves. For further information on a shared water bore in Perth click HERE for more information.

If you and your neighbour are interested in a shared Water Bore call us on 9246 0111.

We also specialise in bore repair and would be happy to assist you with any issues you may be having with a broken bore. Call us and we can be in your driveway to sort out your bore repair or fix your reticulation.

Water bore and reticulation service
Water bore drilling & repair Perth

Reticulation system Upper Swan


It puts a smile on our face to finally turn on the 4,000 square metres of irrigation we have just installed around this house in Upper Swan.
Gear drive sprinklers are covering the lawn nicely. This is all part of a much larger property. We have installed a 1.5 kw submersible pump in the recently drilled eight inch bore operated by float switches this fills a near-by 12,000 gallon tank.

Pumping from the tank to the irrigation system we have installed a Grundfos Vertical multistage 4KW centrifugal pump. The pump has amazing grunt to pump to the far paddocks and horse troughs and is run by a convential reticulation controller.

Reticulation for Upper Swan retic job
Upper Swan Reticulation
Grundfos pump
Vertical multistage centrifugal pump

The whole project was completed by our installation arm Virgin Bores. If you would like talk to our expert team about a big bore and reticulation project call 9246 0111 or if you need a large reticulation job done get more information HERE