Troubleshooting Guide Water Bore not working Perth

If the pump is not starting at all

  • check the fuse or circuit breaker that should be in your meter box and labelled “bore” or “pump”
  • if it is 3 phase reset the  415-440v D.O.L ( Direct Online Starter)

3 phase DOL Bore starter

  • if it is single phase there is most likely a separate 240v start box with a reset/over-ride switch, check that.
  • if it is operated from a reticulation controller check that that has 240v power going to it. Just because the reticulation controller has a display does not mean it has 240v power. Remove the 9v back up battery and confirm there is still a display.
  • can you hear the 24 v relay clicking in or the contactor making a clunking sound when you start the retic controller? Starting the reticulation controller sends a 24v signal to a relay or contactor which turns on the “mains” power to the bore pump.
  • if all the above seems OK and it is a submersible pump, perhaps the motor is starting and you can’t hear it and another related water delivery problem exists. Does your electricity meter speed up when you start the pump? You can check this if it is the old spinning disc style.
  •  if it is a centrifugal pump in a well have you checked the isolation switch normally located in the top well liner?
  •  have you had electrical work recently done at your house?

Call  us on 9246 0111 if none of the above helped. We may be able to help further on the phone or we will send our mobile bore service teams to any Perth suburb or read more on our main website

Bore repairs Perth

Thanks for visiting our Blog. Water Bores and Perth Groundwater are our passion. If your water bore is broken we can fix it!

From Lancelin all the way down to Mandurah our service teams are ready to help. We repair both modern submersible bores and the old well-liner type. From blown fuses to bores running out of water, we can help. Because we specialize in water bore repairs we are Perth’s number 1 callout mobile service to repair bores. No need for a multiple of trades and the delays in between getting an electrician and  then a pump man. We can send our bore electrician first off if it is an electrical problem then we can fix there and then if simple or follow right through to pump replacement if necesary.   Call us on 1300 734 300 for prompt metro-wide service.

Water bore not working in Perth?

Water Bore not working?

If you have a bore problem of any type in the Perth metropolitan area, call us 7 days a week.  1300 734 300

If it is fixable we can fix it!

Phone: 1300 734 300.      You are reading our blog or you can choose to Visit our Website

We repair or replace all submersible bore pump and motor brands in Perth.

We repair or replace all brands of submersible bore pumps. Some of the more well known brands or stampings are Lowara, Grundfos, Franklin, Universal, Davey, Red Jacket, Orange, Sumoto, Arwana, Centripro, Marlow, Pioneer, Onga, B & L and Coverco.

Sometimes it is confusing when different terms are used when describing submersible pumps and some industry jargon can be understandably hard for the novice to decipher. Talking about domestic stainless steel submersible pumps in Perth we are normally referring  to  4″ pumps ( designed to fit inside a 100mm borecasing). What is collectively referred to us the pump is actually two distinct and separate parts. The electric motor ( single or 3 phase) and the wet-end (or pump) which is the series of impellors. Both these parts bolt together and are almost always brand interchangeable i.e each brand fits together with each other.

Call us on 1300 734 300 for further info or help. We repair pumps and bores all over Perth.

Is my bore pump motor covered under insurance?

If your water bore is tripping the circuit breaker when turned on then there are a variety of possible causes. One of these is a fused motor. Ring us for free over-the-phone advice or book our specialist bore electrician to attend. We can certify it as fused if this is the case.

Perth Pump/Motor Fusion and insurance cover: Many household insurance policies covering Perth homes have fusion  cover for fused electric motors (sometimes referred to as burnt out motors). This generally applies to bore pumps of both the centrifugal (old well liner style with tin lid) and the modern submersible water bores.

A common insurance definition for FUSION is “The actual burning out of an electric motor or its wiring caused by the electric current in it.” In the case of either centrifugal bore pumps or submersible bore pumps this refers to the electric motor that drives them. Various terms are used to describe the event of fusion. Some will refer to the pump motor as “burnt out” or “fused”. Some insurance policies refer to power surges. Additional insurance cover may be provided for lightning or storm damage to bore pump motors. Your bore pump motor replacement may be covered under you insurance. We have over a decade’s experience replacing fused pump motors in Perth and surrounds. Garden water bores of the modern submersible type are our specialty. we also repair commercial bores and the old well liner type. Call us on 1300 734 300. Perth metro-wide.

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pump runs but no water Perth

A very common call to our water bore Perth service hotline (1300 734 300) is along the lines of “my bore runs but no water” or “my pump runs but no water”. Firstly, before anything, our advice is always to turn it off so the pump is not running. Turn the reticulation controller OFF and if there is a bore over-ride switch turn that OFF as well. In newer Perth bore pump installations there should be a circuitbreaker in the meter box labelled “bore” or “pump”. Turn that OFF as well. In older Perth bores it may be a fuse instead. In some installations it may even be labelled reticulation. No bore pump should run without water or consequential damage may result.

Their are several causes. Click here for more details or Call us on Perth 1300 734 300 and we’ll fix the problem pronto

Retic won’t turn off?

Today our service hotline received an urgent Saturday afternoon call from a lady in South Perth. “My sprinklers won’t turn off”.

We asked a few questions and although her reticulation system wasn’t fed from a bore we sent a serviceman anyway to help her out. There was only one station on her retic system connected directly to mains water and that solenoid valve had failed. The only way she could stop the water was turn the entire supply off at the water meter. We replaced the faulty solenoid valve and whilst we were there installed a manual gate valve so she could easily isolate the sprinkler system if ever the problem happened again. Another happy customer.

bore circuit breaker trips

A common call to our bore repair hotline 9246 0111 is ” the circuitbreaker in my meter box keeps tripping whenever I turn my water bore on“.

This is an electrical problem and requires a bore or pump electrician. It may well ultimately turn out to be a fused or burnt out pump motor ( possibly covered under insurance) but often it is found to be a simple cabling issue or a fault with the bore start box, start capacitor or sometimes in the 3 phase bore DOL (Direct Online Starter). To save time and money it is best to have an specialist bore electrician attend who specializes in bores,pumps and reticulation and who has both the knowledge and special test equipment required to diagnoze the problem efficiently. Our electricians do these repairs every day all over Perth so you are not paying someone to re-invent the wheel! It’s what we do!  Our Perth bore repair service teams also carry a host of spare parts to fix the most common bore problems enabling them to  carry out the repairs economically and promptly.

Phone Troy any time on 9246 0111 prompt bore repairs any Perth suburbs or go to our website for more information on bore circuit breaker trips HERE

Bore or Retic Problem in Perth?

If your Perth water bore or reticulation needs a service or repair call us 7 days a week on 9246 0111 or book online for water bore repair HERE or book online for reticulation repair HERE



Turn off retic controller
Turn off retic controller