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Water Bore Repair Fremantle

A client in Fremantle wanted us to look at his water bore.  The brick pit around the top of the bore certainly confirmed that this was indeed a very early submersible bore. He was told he had old casing that had been breached that was no good. He wanted a second opinion.

We test pumped the water bore at 80 litres a minute for 35 mins and found the bore water was very dirty for the first 5 minutes. For 30 minutes it then pumped flawlessly. Good flow and clear bore water.

Fix water bore East Fremantle
Very early submersible bore East Fremantle

Our serviceman’s notes brought a smile to the customer’s face. It appears the initial diagnosis had been wrong.

“10:30-12:00    Test pumped at 80lpm for 35 mins Was very dirty for five mins

Small amount of plant matter coming up could be from dirt that had fallen from above ground”

It’s a good bet that this bore will run for a good many more years after we install a new submersible pump.