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Happy customer

Thanks for prompt reticulation service
Ron is a happy customer after reticulation service

Our service teams are on the road in all Perth suburbs to fix both submersible water bores and reticulation systems. The vans are stocked with most parts that are needed for bore and reticulation service work so often we can fix on the spot with a friendly smile.

We sorted Ron’s reticulation problem out.

Give us a call if you need help. An “old school” thank you note always gives us a boost during a hectic summer.

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Leak Detection

Do you think you might have a leak in your reticulation, sprinkler system or anywhere else in your home? There is a simple test you can do yourself.

Detecting a water leak
Checking the reading on your meter

Make sure you turn off all taps inside and outside the home and check there are no visible leaks. Make sure the dishwasher, washing machine, evaporative air conditioner and garden reticulation controller are not in use. Also make sure your toilet cistern is not filling after a recent flush.
Then go to your water meter and record the black and red numbers on your water meter (write down or photograph). Wait 30 minutes, making sure no water is being used and record the reading again. If it has changed you probably have a leak.
Clues that the leak may be in the garden area are wet patches or very green localized patches in your lawn. Of course if your reticulation system is fed from a bore this cannot be a cause. If your reticulation system is fed from mains water there should be a separate gate valve, often near the water meter, that can be used to isolate the retic as a potential leak.
Our reticulation mobile service team are leak detection experts and can locate and fix the leak in the garden. If the leak is inside the home there is a list of recommended Waterwise plumbers on the Water Corporation website.
If you have a leak or any issue with your reticulation system in Perth call Troy on 9246 0111 or read more on our website HERE