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Bore Pump Reticulation Repair Two Rocks

We repair submersible water bores north of Perth.

If you have a problem with a water bore in Two Rocks, Breakwater Estate, Seatrees Estate or Yanchep we can fix it fast.

Repair and drill water bores Breakwater Estate
Drilling water bore in Breakwater Estate
Drill new water bore Breakwater Estate
Drill and repair submersible water bores Breakwater Estate

We repair or replace submersible pumps and reticulation controllers. We handle burnt out pumps and insurance fusion claims.

Our electrician performs prompt diagnosis and repairs to any retic or bore system. Call 7 days 9246 0111 or book a bore repair here

Water Bore Marangaroo

The Virgin Bores water bore teams are up for a challenge with many years of experience drilling water bores in Perth.

Sometimes when a front garden is walled in there are very limited places to drill a bore. Legendary work by George and the team on this Marangaroo job.

The small green lid of the bore box will be completely hidden when the paving is put back. Nice clean up George! Especially after drilling 51 metres deep in such challenging circumstances.

We have also repaired many water bores in the Marangaroo area and the surrounding suburbs of Madeley, Kingsley and Darch.

If you have been thinking about saving money with a water bore in Marangaroo call us on 9246 0111 or go to our website HERE

Good Reviews Water Bore Perth

“I was clueless”

Don lives in Bibra Lake and the new pump in his old well was not pumping water.

He had rung several companies  and it seems all they saw was $$$.

He then rang Brett, who started Virgin Bores nearly 20 years ago, and is very knowledgeable about most things that can go wrong with a bore or old style well.

Brett talked through with Don over the phone how to prime his pump. It took a lot of water to top prime but it worked on the third attempt. Although there wasn’t much water coming out at first once the pipes had filled at the front and back of the house the pump changed sound and was really working.

Happy customer Virgin Bores
Thanks Don we appreciate the great feed-back for Virgin Bores

Don told us that if he had any future problems or repairs he would call Virgin Bores on 9246 0111.

Don, thanks for the great review. We always try and put the customer first. If we can help you with repairs to your older style call us for expert advise on 9246 0111.

Bore not working in South Perth

A resident of South Perth was concerned as their reticulation was not working and they contacted us on 9246 0111.

They reported that they could hear the typical “çlunk” sound  as the contactor engaged when they started the bore pump from their retic controller.

Our electrician found that the one horsepower Sumoto submersible motor was not fused. The motor windings appeared to be intact but there was a complete dead short to earth.

His recommendation was that we replace the submersible motor, wet-end and electrical cable down the bore hole for new. He disabled and taped up motor tails in the borehead junction box and all the other electrics tested OK.


South Perth bore head junction box
See the bore start box to the left of the retic controller

So another member of the team returned and replaced the .75KW submersible motor, 15 metres of electrical and stainless and barrell union. All tested OK and another South Perth water bore was back up and running for the hot summer months ahead.

When there is a problem with a water bore it takes experience and skill to diagnose the problem and repair efficiently, quickly and economically for the Perth householder.

We have been repairing Perth water bores for 20 years and have been faced with most problems when repairing a water bore, Call us on 9246 0111 or book a bore service here


Bore Tripping in Hocking

A modern submersible water bore saves money and is normally low in maintenance.

If something does go wrong with your water bore, call us on 9246 0111 and we will help you fix it and be ready for the hot summer months in Perth.

Dave from Hocking called us because his bore was tripping. We sent our Dave, the electrician, to test the 1.5 kw submersible motor. It tested OK.  The pump was also running OK but after a while the start box overload tripped so Dave bypassed the faulty overload.


Also there were 6 programs with 6 start times in each, now there is only one program with one start time. The reticulation now comes on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday at 6 am for 10 mins on the 7 stations.

So Dave’s sprinklers are now coming on and he is all organised for summer.

General Lawn Sprinkler

So if you are in Hocking or the surrounding areas of Wangara or Wanneroo and your water bore needs fixing call Troy on 9246 0111 or book an online service HERE

Burnt Plastic in Bore Box

Our bore electrician Dave attended a bore service job in East Fremantle to repair a  water bore reported electrically failing.

The water bore is approximately 50 metres deep with a 1.5 kw Sumoto submersible motor. Dave reported the motor tested OK.

East Fremantle burnt out capacitor
Burnt capacitor in start box

However, the start capacitor in the bore start box was completely blown and part of the start box was melted. So Dave replaced 50MF capacitor for new. He then ran the bore and retic and tested and it was all working OK. Note the ruptured start capacitor. The grey ” gunk” oozing out is typical when a capacitor swells and bursts. This one had burnt and blown more than we normally see. Our customers had smelt the burnt odour walking past the bore control box.

If we can help you with a broken water bore in the East Fremantle, Bicton, Palmyra or surrounds call 9246 0111 or book a bore service online.