Water Bore Dianella

We specialize in fixing modern submersible water bores and pumps fast and efficiently anywhere in the Perth metropolitan area. We have repaired many water bores in the Dianella area and the surrounds.

Here Adam is replacing a  submersible pump in Dianella. Submersible bores at the bottom of the hill in Dianella start at about 18 metres deep and at the top range up to 60 metres. In the shallower areas there are also many of the older style wells with visible centrifugal pumps.


Today was the hottest day since February 2017 with Perth’s temperature reaching almost 40 degrees. With such hot temperatures our phones tend to run hot.

If you are having problems with your water bore in the Dianella area or the surrounding suburbs or Morley or Osborne Park call us on 9246 0111 or go to our website HERE

We also repair and replace centrifugal pumps in shallow old style wells.

Did you know that – “Dianella was named after the botanical title of a small blue lily, Dianella revoluta, which is a narrow-leafed plant which was plentiful in the area prior to residential development” (source: wikipedia)

Is drilling a water bore messy?

This week Jason asked Virgin Water Bores

“I have a fully established garden that I would not want to disturb, how much mess and how much garden needs to be removed to install?”

It depends where we need to drill.

There is the least amount of mess if we are able to drill on the front lawn. Then we can just replace the lawn and tidy up.

We need about a square metre to drill down and to allow for some working room.

We do try to drill close to the metre box as that cuts down on the costs for the customer. This may mean we need to drill in the garden or in a driveway.

Wherever Virgin Water Bores drill it may be messy on the day but we will restore the site to as new afterwards.

The cost savings will be well worth the temporary pain.

This link has some useful pictures that will show what happens when we are drilling a water bore.

If you have any questions about what is involved in getting a water bore call Virgin Bores on 9246 0111 or go to our website HERE or ask them here on our blog

Extend reticulation Trigg

This householder is doing some renovations and asked us to extend their reticulation system. We have installed, repaired and serviced hundreds of reticulation systems across the Perth metropolitan area.

Our man Jack spent about half a day at this coastal suburb of a Trigg and extended the reticulation so the garden will be watered in the warm summer months.

Jack’s main challenge was turning the reticulation controller on and off leaning over the wet cement in the garage.

We are very happy to fit in with whatever is happening at your house.

We have done a lot of reticulation work in Perth’s coastal suburbs of Trigg, Scarborough or North Beach

If you would like your reticulation serviced, repaired or installed call us on 9246 0111.