New Submersible Bore Applecross

New submersible bore next to the river in Applecross
New submersible bore next to the river in Applecross

Our installation arm, Virgin Bores, has just successfully completed the installation of a new water bore in Applecross. The proximity to the river was a concern because of salinity levels so special design considerations were used. These included a high yield stainless steel screen. These screens, designed to allow higher volumes of water in than normal slotted PVC casing are able to be put in at a shallower depth. The less dense fresh water is above the underlying more dense water of higher salinity. Virgin Bores local knowledge helped arrive at a great outcome. Visit our main website or call us 7 days a week on 1300 734 300 or 0408 454 130

New Submersible Bore Completed in Wembley


We told you recently about a new submersible bore we were drilling in Wembley near Lake Monger.

It was drilled successfully resulting in beautiful and clear water.  Pictured is the new submersible bore before it is covered. The submersible bore green lid is only 400 mm by 300 mm. This was drilled to 25 metres, a common depth for a Perth Bore. It was drilled by our installation arm, Virgin Bores, to replace an old well that had failed. If you would like a quote for a new submersible water bore 9246 0111.


New water bore in the Perth suburb of We
Wembley water bore drilled by Virgin Bores

It is covered over with soil and lawn so it is completely invisible. However it is important that the home owner keeps a record of where the bore is for future access.

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Water Bore Quote Leederville

Virgin Bores was quoting on a new submersible water bore in West Leederville when we spotted this fantastic recycling with an old mattress frame / springs used to make a vertical garden.

Great recycling with a vertical garden made mattress springs
Vertical garden made out of mattress inner springs


It makes a perfect frame for the plants to climb on. These plants will flourish with a new submersible water bore and the nutrient rich Perth bore water. The Perth coastal plain is generally ideal for bore water. Unlike the old fashioned wells with the tin lids a modern submersible bore is invisible and silent. It lasts and will save you money. Also with a water bore you can water your garden three days a week instead of two on mains water. Obviously you only water when needed.

A side shot of what a water bore looks like under ground
What a water bore looks like underground

If you would like talk to us about a new submersible bore check out our website HERE or call us on 9246 0111 7 days a week.

Deep Bore in Wembley Downs

Virgin Bores has just drilled a new submersible water bore in Wembley Downs. By Perth metropolitan area standards it was very deep at 62 metres. The house is on top of the hill near the water tower.

We know in advance how far we have to drill as we look at the depth to water in the Perth Groundwater Atlas.

Pictured here is a trailer mounted air compressor. We use this via the roll of pipe seen on the back of the truck to pump compressed air down the newly drilled bore. This is called “air developing” and flushes the introduced drilling muds out of the borehole and helps develop water flow from the superficial aquifer before we install the submersible pump. Call Virgin Bores anytime 1300 734 300 if you would IIke a quote on a new water bore anywhere in Perth    or visit our main website

Trailer mounted air compressor.
Trailer mounted air compressor.

New Submersible Water Bore Wembley

Today we are drilling a new submersible water bore near Lake Monger in Wembley.

The new submersible bore will replace a really old shallow well which has given up the ghost. Shown here is the 4 inch bore casing ready to go down the newly drilled bore. Also shown is the bags of drillers gravel which will be poured down the outside of the slotted bore casing to act as a primary filter.

If you would like one of our experienced team to drop around to discuss a new water bore for your home 1300 734 300 or visit our main website

Drilling new bore in Wembley
Drilling new bore in Wembley

Water Bore Quote Ferndale

Today we visited a customer in Ferndale about a new water bore for their home after they rang us on 9246 0111.

Ferndale is a south-eastern suburb of Perth and is in the City of Canning.

There are clays and potential salinity in the area so we would use our considerable local knowledge and experience to ensure water flow is maximized and salt level is minimized.

The 4 inch submersible bore hole will be drilled to about 18 meters as that is the base of the superficial acquirer at this particular house. The Department of Water data base gives us a lot of the information we need.

If you would like a quote on a new submersible bore HERE or call us anytime on 9246 0111.

We have also drilled many water bores in the surrounding areas of Wilson, Lynwood Riverton and Cannington. With nearly 20 years in the business we have the expertise.


Out quoting on a Sunday
Out quoting on a Sunday

Reprogram Retic Controller

Recently we helped a lovely 91 year old vision impaired woman in the Melville area to reprogram her reticulation controller for summer. Note the Velcro on the middle button which helps her use her controller day to day. She still managed to maintain a lovely garden.

Orange hibiscus flower in garden
Orange hibiscus

….and for something completely different, these days you can operate your reticulation controller from your iphone. It uses your wi-fi network to access the internet. We have installed a number of these now and the homeowners find them very useful and they only cost a couple of hundred dollars more than a conventional reticulation controller.

If we can be of any assistance 9246 0111 or for more information have a read HERE

Reprogram reticulation controller
Reprogram reticulation controller

Automation of Old Well

This old well with a tin lid has been running without a retic controller. We are going to automate this old well in Morley.

We will fit an automatic reticulation controller and interface to the clients existing on/off switch. We then replace the manual bore valves (in the foreground of the picture) with automatic solenoid valves.

Hey presto, it will come on automatically and switch from front to rear lawns and it is fully programmable.

If we can help you with a similar issue or anything to do with your bore or reticulation contact one of our friendly team on 9246 0111 or go to our website HERE

Automate old well
Automate old we