Water Bore Perth Electrician -start capacitor.

Our water bore service hotline today received an anxious call from a gentleman in Two Rocks. He was doing the right thing and testing his water bore before sprinkler bans end in 5 days time (31/08/12).  A bit of “interrogation” over the phone and we were able to diagnose a blown bore start capacitor. He had removed the cover of the start box himself, which we must emphasise is NOT to be done as it is 240 volt and dangerous. A few questions and we determined it was a 40 microfad start/run capacitor that had blown. It was swollen with  evidence of grey “gunk” that had oozed out of it, typical when the start capacitor blisters and the end comes off or a hole gets blown in the side. No worries our bore service electrician will fit a new one on the way up to Mondays prebooked Woodridge bore repair.  The bore electrician will test his bore pump motor and confirm if that is all that is wrong. The adjacent pic is of how a start capacitor in a bore start box shoud look. Perfectly cylindrical and not blistered or swollen.

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