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Drilling a water bore when building

Submersible bore drilled waiting for pump
Submersible bore drilled waiting for pump

If you are building a new house and thinking of having a new submersible water bore installed then we would normally do it in two stages.

Stage 1 – Drill, case and air develop the bore hole itself. As long as access for a drilling rig is not going to be restricted. This can be done just after the slab is placed or after the house is built.

This Perth customer knew access was doing to be restricted by limestone perimeter walls he was building so we drilled the bore hole when it was just a vacant lot. The bore casing left protruding above ground so it was obvious and protected from damage.

Stage 2 – After the house is completed and power connected we will return and install the submersible pump and motor. The bore casing will be cut off below ground and everything is connected.

If we can help you with a new submersible water bore at your new home please call one of the team on 9246 0111.

Water bore faulty Perth

The sprinkler bans in Perth end at the end of August. We encourage you to only start using your Perth sprinklers when the garden needs it.

Perth bore owners have been out testing their water bores for the first time this spring. Some are faulty!

Electrical fault water bore
Bore electrical specialist working on submersible bore

We are hearing similar stories like  “I’m starting my bore and the circuit breaker is tripping or fuse is blowing, what should I do?”. We would send our specialist bore electrician Dave who has been doing this for years and is expert and experienced with water bores. He has special equipment to test the circuits & windings of the motor. We can do this without winching the pump up.

We remind our customers that if it is a fused bore pump motor it may be covered under household insurance. Also if the fault is storm related even damage from lightning induction that then this too may be subject to an insurance claim.

Submersible water bore from surface
Top of submersible water bore

To have the matter attended to first by specialist bore repairers who can correctly diagnose the fault and possible cause call the team on 9246 0111 or book an online service and read more about faulty water bores HERE

Thanks Bore Electrician Kewdale and Pump Replacement Carine

It is great to hear from happy customers and hear good reviews. Thank you! 9246 0111

Thanks for sending our specialist bore electrician to Kewdale
Thanks for sending our specialist bore electrician to Kewdale

Our experienced bore electrician Dave attended Russell’s Kewdale property, checked his system and supplied and fitted a new reticulation controller.

We also attended Philip’s Carine property where we replaced his .75 kw 2 wire submersible motor / pump and tested that everything was OK.

“Thank you for your teams excellent work just prior to Christmas. Having the bore operational again has been fantastic. Once again thank you and I am happy to recommend your services to anyone. Regards Phillip.”

If we can assist you with specialist bore electrical advise or pump replacement visit our website  HERE or phone Troy (ask him how his fishing is going) on 9246 0111

Joondalup Bore Service and Repair

Today our bore repair team attended a quite deep submersible bore just off Joondalup Drive after a call from a customer about a bore repair problem on 9246 0111.

Our specialist bore electrician tested the submersible pump motor from the surface at the control equipment and unfortunately it has tested both fused and down to earth.

bore controllers
3 phase DOL bore starter next to Single Phase bore start box

Another problem is no-one knows where the bore is located under the driveway. It is important for the home-owner to note the location of the bore when drilling a new bore or if buying a home with a bore. It saves money and time locating it.

We know the depth to water at this location is about 50 metres so the bore will be over 60 metres total depth.  We will need to winch it to the surface and confirm the tests. If necessary we will then replace the 3 phase motor. If we can confirm the motor is fused then our electrician will write it up as fused which may well be an “insured event” under the homeowners insurance policy.

Pump electrical faults should always be tested and recorded by a licensed electrician. Call us any time if you have any problem with your water bore or reticulation system in Joondalup or surrounds on 9246 0111.

We also drill new water bores and repair water bores in Joondalup and the surrounding suburbs of  Edgewater, Heathridge and Connolly. Check us out on our website HERE

Submersible Pump Motor Failed?

What are the causes of submersible bore pump motor failures?

The majority of  electrical failures of submersible pump motors in residential garden bore installations is as a result of the burning out of stator windings. Causes include, but are not limited to, high voltage surges/spikes and lightning strikes.

Other causes include-

  • The running of a pump against a “closed head” ( nowhere for the water to pump , closed valve, blocked outlets etc )  with limited water flowing past the submersible motor to aid in cooling, can cause failure of the thrust system. Dead-heading can also result in the “blowing” of the rising poly main line that delivers the water to the surface.
  • If a pump is run with not enough back pressure or head this can cause premature damage to upthrust bearings. It is important the pump is run on an accepted part of the “pump curve”. In a nutshell it must be running enough, but not too many, sprinklers.
  • Sand or abrasive matter in the bore  which can cause the shaft seal to wear ultimately causing submersible motor failure.
  • A failed check valve can cause back spinning of the pump impellors as the water flows back down the main line to equalize with static water level. This spins the pump at low RPM with insufficient lubrication. In deeper submersible bores this can, over time, cause failure.
  • constant stop/start, stop/start of the motor (machine-gunning) may lead to pump/motor shaft failure

Our bore service guys cover all of the Perth greater metropolitan area and are in fully stocked vans. Call us on 9246 0111 to talk to us about your bore or book a bore service online

Insurance Claim on Fused Submersible Pump

Submersible bore head electrician
Electrician working on Submersible Pump

If your submersible pump is fused it may be covered by your household insurance. Call us on 9246 0111.

We were happy to receive a handwritten note on Friday from a customer in Kardinya. We replaced his fused submersible pump motor and steered him in the right direction with his fusion insurance claim.

He said, “Thanks for fixing my submersible bore pump so promptly. I didn’t even know fusion might be covered under insurance“. Our electrician tested the motor and wrote it up as fusion.

If we can help you, 9246 0111 or visit our main website here for more water bore information

Water Bore Fusion Insurance Claims

With the ending of Perth metro sprinkler bans for 2013  Perth bore owners are testing their water bores for the first time this season……and some aren’t working! We have had calls today all with similar stories. “I’m starting my bore and the circuit breaker is tripping ( or fuse is blowing), what do I do?”. First thing is we send a bore electrician ( one who is experienced in pumps and bores ) with special equipment to test the circuits and windings of the motor. With submersible motors this can be done without winching the pump up. Remember if it is a fused bore pump motor it may be covered under household insurance. Also if the fault can be traced back to one of winters electrical storms it may be related, even damage from lightning induction, and this too may be subject to an insurance claim. This is a very good reason to have the matter attended to first by specialist bore repairers who can correctly diagnose the fault and possible cause. 1300 734 300 will reach us 24/7

Submersible Bore LOST IN PERTH

Bore Box
Typical plastic bore box which covers a submersible bore.
Submersible bore Perth
Just uncovered a Nedlands submersible bore

We often get calls from Perth customers who know they have a submersible bore but have no idea where it is. They bought the house long after the submersible bore was drilled and no-one knows where the bore is let alone what they are looking for. This adjacent pic shows a  submersible borehead we just uncovered in Nedlands. If the bore was installed in the last 20 years or so there will typically be a green lid just under the lawn like this one. Sometimes they are even flush with the lawn and visible. The lid normally conceals a box that is about 435 x 300 x 305mm as seen to the right. Older than 20 years and sometimes it is a small concrete lid on a concrete box of similar size.

Can’t find your submersible bore?

Call 1300 734 300. Our mobile service teams have special locating equipment and expert knowledge.

Water Bore Troubleshooting Guide – pump not starting – Perth

If the pump is not starting at all

  • check the fuse or circuitbreaker that should be in your meter box and labelled “bore” or “pump”
    Single phase bore circuit breaker

    Submersible pump start box
    Single phase pump start box
  • if it is 3 phase reset the  415-440v D.O.L ( Direct Online Starter)
  • if it is single phase there is most likely a separate 240v start box with a reset/over-ride switch. You should check that
  • does the 240 V start box have a burnt smell?

    3 phase DOL bore starter
  • if it is operated from a reticulation controller check that that has 240v power going to it. Just because the reticulation controller has a display does not mean it has 240v power. Remove the 9v back up battery and confirm there is still a display.
  • can you hear the 24 v relay clicking in or the contacter make a clunk sound when you start the retic contoller? Starting the reic controller sends a 24v signal to a relay or contactor which turns on the “mains” power to the bore pump.
  • if all the above seems OK and it is a submersible pump, perhaps the motor is starting and you can’t hear it but another related water delivery problem exists. Does your electricity meter speed up when you start the pump?
  •  if it is a centrifugal pump in a well have you checked the isolation switch?
  • have you recently had electrical work done to any of the wiring on your house?

Call  us on Perth 1300 734 300 if none of the above helped. We may be able to help further on the phone or we will send our mobile bore service teams to any Perth suburb. Further info is on our main website.

Centrifugal to Submersible pump bore conversion and automation Perth

It was a great feeling to turn the new submersible pump on and see such a great result. Client in Dianella had a very large  centrifugal pump down a 7 liner well.  The centrifugal pump had failed and it was not practical or economical to replace or recondition the pump. Fortunately a few years ago the bore hole at the bottom of the old well had been redrilled and replaced with a 100 mm PVC casing. This was compatible with a new submersible pump. The 3 phase centrifugal system was converted to a submersible pump 3kw ( 4hp ) three phase. The old two stage starter on the wall was replaced by a new 415 vDOL starter. While we were at it  we converted the gentlemans old manual gate valve sprinkler system to a modern automated one.   A fully programmable reticulation controller now turns on the new submersible pump at the same time it opens solenoid valves to controll the 3 separate sprinkler stations. He had the old mountain mist metal disc sprinklers that are common with old well systems all over Perth. Those sprinklers use about 17 litres per minute each. We had to take this into account when specifying the new submersible pump for the old well conversion. We had to make sure the new pump had the power to adequately run all his sprinklers as configured without modification. As the picture shows its great when a plan comes together! Call us on 1300 734 300 for help with any Perth bore or reticulation system or visit our main Virgin Bores Perth website here.