Bore runs out of water?

This week we got a couple of calls (Gosnells and Lynwood) which we more commonly get from Perth bore owners at the end of summer rather than end of winter. ” Help, what can I do my bore has run out of water?” Mostly  at the end of a few tests we find that indeed it was some other problem rather than the bore running out of water that was giving the false impression. “False” causes can include, but are not limited to, bore pump problems, solenoids not opening, thermal overloads cutting in and out,  splits or leaks in rising main lines and pumps running backwards. If the bore actually has developed a problem with yield ( the flow of water pumped out is faster than the flow in ) we can fairly quickly determine this with a few tests.  Sometimes in  worst case scenarios the solution is to drill a new borehole. Often though, we can solve the yield problem by air development ( where we pump compressed down the borehole to help clear the screens) and sometimes we can increase yield by treating the bore with specially designed chemicals that both clean the screen and treat clays. Sometimes we use a combination of both. Give us a call on 1300 734 300 if we can help you with your Perth bore problem or visit our main website.