Water Bore Troubleshooting Guide – pump not starting – Perth

If the pump is not starting at all

  • check the fuse or circuitbreaker that should be in your meter box and labelled “bore” or “pump”
    Single phase bore circuit breaker

    Submersible pump start box
    Single phase pump start box
  • if it is 3 phase reset the  415-440v D.O.L ( Direct Online Starter)
  • if it is single phase there is most likely a separate 240v start box with a reset/over-ride switch. You should check that
  • does the 240 V start box have a burnt smell?

    3 phase DOL bore starter
  • if it is operated from a reticulation controller check that that has 240v power going to it. Just because the reticulation controller has a display does not mean it has 240v power. Remove the 9v back up battery and confirm there is still a display.
  • can you hear the 24 v relay clicking in or the contacter make a clunk sound when you start the retic contoller? Starting the reic controller sends a 24v signal to a relay or contactor which turns on the “mains” power to the bore pump.
  • if all the above seems OK and it is a submersible pump, perhaps the motor is starting and you can’t hear it but another related water delivery problem exists. Does your electricity meter speed up when you start the pump?
  •  if it is a centrifugal pump in a well have you checked the isolation switch?
  • have you recently had electrical work done to any of the wiring on your house?

Call  us on Perth 1300 734 300 if none of the above helped. We may be able to help further on the phone or we will send our mobile bore service teams to any Perth suburb. Further info is on our main website.

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