Bore pumping sand?

We called on a client today in Attadale.

He had sand coming out of his old submersible bore and blocking sprinklers. Three scenarios spring to mind.  (1) Worst case it could be that the  screen at the bottom of the submersible bore has been perforated or cracked to such an extent it lets sand in. This would most likely mean a new bore hole would need to be drilled. Sometimes though, we try setting the submersible pump inlet higher up the casing with some success. (2) Sometimes we find the check valve on the submersible pump is no longer holding prime whilst at the same time there is a faulty solenoid valve, open gate valve or cracked irrigation main line that causes sand to be sucked back down the rising main when the pump is turned off.  (3) there is ingress of dry sand falling down an incorrectly covered  bore head or wet sand being washed down with incorrect bore head exposure and drainage. There are other reasons. All can be addressed.

For old well style bores there are different reasons again that we will cover in another blog.

In the meantime if you are in Perth or surrounds and you need help with any bore problem give us a call on 9246 0111 or visit our main website.