New Submersible Bore Completed in Wembley


We told you recently about a new submersible bore we were drilling in Wembley near Lake Monger.

It was drilled successfully resulting in beautiful and clear water.  Pictured is the new submersible bore before it is covered. The submersible bore green lid is only 400 mm by 300 mm. This was drilled to 25 metres, a common depth for a Perth Bore. It was drilled by our installation arm, Virgin Bores, to replace an old well that had failed. If you would like a quote for a new submersible water bore 9246 0111.


New water bore in the Perth suburb of We
Wembley water bore drilled by Virgin Bores

It is covered over with soil and lawn so it is completely invisible. However it is important that the home owner keeps a record of where the bore is for future access.

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