Broken Bore Pump Dalkeith

Liana from Dalkeith had a broken bore and she phoned our help line on 1300 734 300.

Our specialist bore electrician tested the circuits and found her 1.1 kW 3 phase submersible pump motor was fused. We replaced it with a new submersible pump motor and tested all OK.

Thanks for your positive feedback.

Hi Brett,

I have just had Adam here this morning dealing with our seized bore, just wanted to let you know he was such a great representative of the company,very professional and followed the job through very efficiently!! I also spoke with Troy on the Phone and they had the whole problem fixed with in two days, with the help of Dave the electrician.

Thanks again it was a pleasure to deal with such a professional company, (I have already let my gardener know, should any of his clients need your assistance!!!)

regards Liana

If you would like to talk to one of our team phone on 1300 734 300 or go to our main website on

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