New Water Bore Rossmoyne


Watching this video you can see this new Rossmoyne Water bore is gushing with water and there is only a small pile of sand from the water bore drilling process for this 18 metre submersible water bore in Rossmoyne.

It was drilled  with the portable drilling rig in the Rossmoyne backyard because there was restricted access. Groundwater was encountered at only 4.5 metres down.

Here we see the bore being flushed as groundwater is forced to the surface by compressed air alone. At the same time the “mud tank” is being given a clean. It was used for the recirculating drilling fluids during rotary mud drilling.

Drilling New Bore

The next thing we will install the submersible pump and connect to the retic system.

We will also specialist in repairing your Rossmoyne water bore or reticulation

If you live in Rossmoyne or surrounding areas like Shelley or Willeton call 92460111 or find out more about what is involved in drilling a water bore in the Perth suburbs  HERE