Fixing reticulation problem in Piara Waters

Piara Waters
Fixing reticulation in Piara Waters

Attended a service call to a new home in Piara Waters (a southern suburb of Perth in between Forrestfield, Harrisdale and Banjup near Jandakot Airport)

They had a recently installed water bore. Unfortunately when the bore had been connected to the reticulation system it had been incorrectly balanced. The output from the submersible pump was over 90 litres per minute as the water table in Piara Waters is only about 2 metres down. However the reticulation system was using about 20 litres per minute. We combined several stations to come on at once and now their reticulation system is using nearly 80 litres per minute. A far more comfortable flow for the submersible pump and now well within it’s designed operating range.

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