Perth bores and bore repairs.

Perth Water Bore Troubleshooters are part of Virgin Bores. We are the go-to, can-do people when it comes to garden bore and reticulation in Perth. Because we install and repair reticulation and irrigation as well as install and repair water bores we can fix anything to do with Perth bores or sprinkler systems.

  • insurance work including  pump fusion claims and lighning and storm damage to reticulation and bore systems. Burnt out motors, damage from lightning induction and power surges.
  • repair of rising main lines, poly and pvc
  • lowering of boreheads necesitated by landscaping ground level changes
  • bore water testing
  • solenoid valve finding / locating
  • all electrical repairs for pumps and reticulation systems
  • replacement of reticulation controllers.
  • leaking reticulation pipes
  • broken sprinklers
  • automation of sprinkler systems off bore or mains scheme water

Call us on 1300 734 300 for prompt service all over the Perth metropolitan area.  For more bore and reticulation information visit our main website.