Bore running out of water Perth.

cross-section off stainless steel bore screen

At this time of year we always get a handful of calls from Perth bore owners along the lines of ” my bore is running out of water” or “my bore works for a minute or so then the bore water runs out”. Sometimes it is not the bore water running out that is the problem but actually a problem with the reticulation system or pump but I address that in other blogs or call us on 1300 734 300 for help with other bore problems.

slotted PVC bore casing

Sometimes it is in fact the yield of the bore itself and the pump is pumping water out faster than it is flowing in to the bore casing. Then it is truly running out of water. Knee-jerk reaction is to think the bore is not deep enough. Sometimes the water table has dropped and it is a depth related issue. Often though, it is that the stainless steel bore screen or slotted PVC bore casing of the bore (or spear) has become blocked.  Sometimes the ground surrounding the bore has reduced the water it will “allow” to flow through it.  These problems can sometimes be solved by air-developing a process where we pump large volumes of  compressed air down the bore hole. Other times we chemically clean and restore the bore with  a combination of special cleaning compounds, surfactants and clay dispersants depending on the conditions diagnosed.

Certainly if your bore is getting sluggish we can advise. Call our Perth BORE SERVICE HOTLINE on 1300 734 300 or for more bore help visit our mainwebsite here.