Watering garden with Water Bore

What does a Pressure Release Valve do?

Pressure Release Valve

Pictured is a pressure release valve or they can be referred to as a pressure relief valve. It is designed to open and release water if the pump is started and the water has nowhere to go.

They are often used when we install a tap connected to a water bore. The valve is spring-loaded and set to open if there are any mishaps with the bore pump running and the tap being accidentally closed.

Also if your solenoid valves in your water bore reticulation fail to open and the pump is running the Pressure Release Valve allows the water to escape and helps prevent damage.

Pressure Release Valves are either preset or calibrated and adjustable. If the submersible pumps is run whilst the water flow is overly restricted or shut off (dead-headed) there could be overheating of the pump motor, in turn causing the rising poly main which  carries the water up from the pump to get hot blowing a hole in the side of the softened pipe.

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