My submersible pump running with no water

From time to time we attend a Perth submersible bore where we test everything and find the submersible motor is running but no water is coming out. The first thing we do is disconnect the bore at the borehead and test it again. This ensures that it was not actually a problem with the delivery of water via the reticulation system. Often people leap to the conclusion that there is something wrong with the pump. Often though, it turns out to be a small hole blown in the rising poly main. That is the 40 or 50mm flexible black poly pipe that delivers the water to the surface from the submersible pump. Why would this poly blow? Commonly Submersible pump winch Perth because, for one reason or another, the pump has been run against a closed head, that is where there is nowhere for the water to flow. Probably because a solenoid valve didn’t open or a tap was left inadvertently off. The motor overheats and heats up the surrounding water. The black poly pipe becomes malleable as it is affected by this heat and under pressure a hole blows in it. Normally this hole is just above the pump.

Winching up a submersible pump Perth

Generally just the poly needs repairing (along of course with the underlying cause of the dead-heading). To do this we set up our portable which and winch the submersible pump to the surface. We cut off a section of the poly, rejoin it to the pump and reinstall everything back down the borehole. Bingo all fixed! Most Perth submersible boreholes are between 15 and 60 metres deep and a winch is  required for the deeper holes.

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