The bore pump in my old well has lost prime. What should I do?

Onga bore Perth Priming point on “Onga” pump

Presuming the pump is running but there is no water being delivered then it is most likely a priming issue. First check though that it is

Centrifugal pump Perth Priming point on “Davey” pump

not a surface reticulation problem with a manual gate valve having been turned off or an automatic solenoid valve not opening. Sometimes, if the centrifugal pump style bores have not been run for a few weeks, they lose prime through a slow leak.

Often just priming the pump and making sure it is run every few days will overcome the problem. There is usually priming point on top of the pump. Sometimes a priming point may have been put at the top of the well in the main line.

If it is a serious leak it will need repairing.

Check valve Perth
Brass Check Valve
Bore check valve Perth
Philmac Check Valve

It might be the check valve that needs replacing. It could be leaking gland-packing or even a leaking mechanical seal.

Sometimes it is the “bottom prime” i.e. the water under the check valve in the pipe that goes down to the water table has escaped.

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