Bore and Retic Service – Experience Pays

Reticulation Valve Perth
Old Indexing Valve

Uncovered this curious old valve in a job south of the river last week. The younger retic serviceman on the job had never seen one before.

They are actually a Fimco Hydro Indexing Valve rarely seen in Perth home reticulation systems anymore.  This model can handle 4 zones or stations on a reticulation system. These cam-operated valves were used to split up the water delivery from some older well style bores around Perth. No wires or electronics involved.

Each time the bore started the valve opening would move around to divert water to one of four downward facing delivery pipes that can’t be seen clearly in this picture. Perth Water bore Troubleshooters are a division of Virgin Bores. We have the knowledge and experience to solve any Perth bore or reticulation problem. You can visit our main website here or call 1300 734 300 to book a service visit.