Deep Bore in Wembley Downs

Virgin Bores has just drilled a new submersible water bore in Wembley Downs. By Perth metropolitan area standards it was very deep at 62 metres. The house is on top of the hill near the water tower.

We know in advance how far we have to drill as we look at the depth to water in the Perth Groundwater Atlas.

Pictured here is a trailer mounted air compressor. We use this via the roll of pipe seen on the back of the truck to pump compressed air down the newly drilled bore. This is called “air developing” and flushes the introduced drilling muds out of the borehole and helps develop water flow from the superficial aquifer before we install the submersible pump. Call Virgin Bores anytime 1300 734 300 if you would IIke a quote on a new water bore anywhere in Perth or visit our main website

Trailer mounted air compressor.
Trailer mounted air compressor.

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