Failed reticulation controller South Perth

Reticulation controller South Perth
Reticulation controller South Perth

We got a call from South Perth today. The South Perth customer reported her submersible bore was not working. She thought her Rainmaster reticulation controller was OK because the screen still had a display.

We took out the 9 volt back up battery and the display disappeared. This simple home test showed there was either no mains power to the reticulation controller or its internal 24 volt transformer had failed. The reticulation controller needs a 24 volt output to switch the relay, that in turn starts the 240 volt single phase bore or 440 volt DOL starter in the case of a 3 phase pumps.

A bit of an investigation by our servicemen at the South Perth call out revealed that in this case the controller transformer had in fact failed. We replaced the controller and there were smiles all round as the bore fired up and the sprinkler came on.

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