What is a submersible pump?

Assembling a submersible pump
Assembling a submersible pump

People often get confused about what is a submersible pump. A picture tells
a thousand words.

Most Perth garden bores use a 1.1 kilowatt (1.5 horsepower), 1.5kw (2 hp) or
2.2kw (3 hp) submersible motor connected to a matching pump or more
correctly a matching “wet-end”. Where the confusion comes in is generally
people refer to the two units combined as a pump. Here our bore service man
has assembled a single phase motor to a 12 stage pump (wet-end ). The motor
is the bottom part furthest from his hand. The wet end is the part he is
gripping whilst he tightens the fitting where the rising 40mm poly pipe
mainline will be connected to deliver the water to the surface. Note the
black rubberized bore cable is connected to the blue lead connected to the
motor. This delivers the 240v power down the borehole to the motor. The
stainless wire is used to support the weight of everything down the bore

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