Fix Old Well South Fremantle

It was really special to work on this 120 year old well in South Fremantle. The client told us the age and said he was told it was originally hand dug through limestone to 60 feet.

The bottom the well is waist deep in water. The next step is we will lower a duly shrouded submersible pump and flexible poly pipe in to the water filled cavity at bottom. A stainless draw wire secured at the surface will then be used if it is ever need to be pulled up for servicing.

We did not go down the well and with the new submersible pump down the well it won’t be necessary for anyone to go down it in the future. That ladder can enjoy its retirement.

We have been repairing old wells (not normally this old) and water bores in Perth for nearly 20 years so our experience will mean we can fix your well or bore. Book a bore repair online HERE or give us a call on 9246 0111.