Submersible Pump Motor Failed?

What are the causes of submersible bore pump motor failures?

The majority of  electrical failures of submersible pump motors in residential garden bore installations is as a result of the burning out of stator windings. Causes include, but are not limited to, high voltage surges/spikes and lightning strikes.

Other causes include-

  • The running of a pump against a “closed head” ( nowhere for the water to pump , closed valve, blocked outlets etc )  with limited water flowing past the submersible motor to aid in cooling, can cause failure of the thrust system. Dead-heading can also result in the “blowing” of the rising poly main line that delivers the water to the surface.
  • If a pump is run with not enough back pressure or head this can cause premature damage to upthrust bearings. It is important the pump is run on an accepted part of the “pump curve”. In a nutshell it must be running enough, but not too many, sprinklers.
  • Sand or abrasive matter in the bore  which can cause the shaft seal to wear ultimately causing submersible motor failure.
  • A failed check valve can cause back spinning of the pump impellors as the water flows back down the main line to equalize with static water level. This spins the pump at low RPM with insufficient lubrication. In deeper submersible bores this can, over time, cause failure.
  • constant stop/start, stop/start of the motor (machine-gunning) may lead to pump/motor shaft failure

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