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Iron oxide problem on Perth submersible Bore

Look at the iron oxide on this submersible pump.
Look at the iron oxide on this submersible pump.

We winched this submersible bore pump to the surface recently in an outlying Perth suburb. No prizes for guessing this Perth bore has an iron oxide problem. The bore pump was covered in orange slime.

Iron oxide bacteria can clog bore screens and reduce flow. Call us 24/7 on 1300 734 300 to discuss solutions or visit our main website http://www.virginbores.com.au

Bore Air-Development?

We often get asked what it means to air develop a bore.  It is an important part of drilling a water bore in Perth suburbs.  Talk to us about it on 9246 0111.

Water bore Air-development.
Water gushes out of a new bore as compressed air is pumped down the borehole.

Ordinarily with a correctly constructed new water bore it is air-developed following drilling but before the installation of the submersible pump. This is particularly important in Perth’s typically sandy soils.

bore development
Water bore air development (credit : Lockyer Water)

Air development is a process where compressed air is pumped down the borehole both flushing out the drilling muds used to drill the bore and developing water flow from the aquifer. The accompanying diagram illustrates the results of development on a bore with a stainless steel screen. The principal is the same and equally important for those water bores constructed with slotted PVC screen. Slotted PVC screen is more common in Perth water bores.

Air-development is also used to clean out old and tired bores that have diminished water flows. It helps clear out years of silt etc and once again develops flow from the aquifer.

If your bore has reduced water flow call us for the solution on 9246 0111. Our mobile service teams operate Perth metro-wide. Also there is more information on air developing a water bore HERE