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Repair Water Bore Reticulation Mosman Park

We had a call from a client in Mosman Park to say that her bore and reticulation was not working.

Our bore electrician attended  promptly and found that the start box was tripping due to a faulty bore start capacitor. The 50 MF faulty capacitor was replaced and all is working on both reticulation stations again.

The capacitor shown in pic had clearly evident grey “gunk” oozing out the bottom. Sometimes this is black.

Bore repair Mosman Park
Note the grey “gunk” oozing from this ruptured bore start capacitor

Often even an external smell test of the bore start box reveals a tell tale burnt smell when a capacitor has ruptured like this.

Faulty capacitor replaced by bore electrician
Replaced faulty capacitor

We informed our Mosman Park client some of the sprinklers were broken and more repair work was required.

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Bore or Retic Problem in Perth?

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Bore electrician working on a modern submersible bore head.

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Old well near Wanneroo
Old well near Wanneroo

Bore or Retic Problem in Perth?

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Turn off retic controller
Turn off retic controller