Perth Bore Service and Maintenance Cranks Up

deep submesible pump repair Perth
Pulling up a deep submersible pump for repair.

Today saw the phones starting to run hot. Even with the heavy rains around Perth, gardeners are starting to test their water bores in preparation for summer. Most bores start with no worries but there are always some with problems. Common Perth bore faults include,

  • Old wells that have lost prime.
  • Submersible pumps that won’t start.
  • Bore circuit breakers that trip or fuses that are blown.
  • Reticulation controllers that are not working.
  • Blown bore pump start capacitors.
  • Electrical faults.
  • Pump motor fusion (often covered by insurance).

Whatever your bore problem no doubt we have seen it before. Phone us for free telephone advice on 1300 734 300  or to book a bore service visit. Read further at our Bore Troubleshooting Guide or visit our main website here.

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