Submersible Bore Pump Shaft Broken

submersible pump shaft
Pump and motor uncoupled showing shaft.

Rare Perth service call yesterday to a submersible bore pump that was producing only about 25% of the water that it normally delivered.

Ruled out all the normal things like a hole in the poly rising main, pump wasn’t running backwards, none of the “normal” causes.???  Winched the submersible pump to the surface. The shaft joining the motor to the “wet-end” (pump) seemed OK but on uncoupling the submersible pump we noted inconsistencies. Found the shaft had sheared actually inside the pump leaving the first 4 of 12 impellors still turning. Quite an uncommon fault.

submersible pump
Submersible pump shaft snapped

Further detective work found the unusual auto start device had been turning the pump on/off, on/off incessantly contributing to the failure. Replaced the pump and installed it all back down the borehole with the original motor. Tested and all good now!

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