Perth Water Bore Drillers

Bore drillers in action
Drilling the new bore in Applecross

Last week our water bore drilling  bore arm, Virgin Bores, drilled another successful bore hole in Applecross.

First the drillers back their rig onto an accessible area of the front lawn, that is suitable for the customer. Depending on the depth of the hole, the actual bore drilling normally takes about half a day.

After drilling the bore is “air-developed” a process where compressed air is pumped down the borehole to clean the drilling muds and develop flow.

As you can see below in the pic of air developing a great result – lots of water and it looks crystal clear.

The submersible pump is normally installed the next day followed by the bore electrician and finally the reticulation connection if required.

If you would like a quote for a  new water bore, go to our main website or call Troy on 0408 454 130.

bore air development
Air-developing a newly drilled water bore
new gaden bore
Water Borers have left- next step is pump installation.