Old Submersible Bore Cable

All submersible bores have electrical cable that goes down beneath the water table delivering mains power to the submersible pump (call us on 9246 0111)

It is important that the bore cable is sound and won’t allow water to get inside. Water ingress can lead to electrical failure of the motor or at best persistent tripping of the control equipment, circuit breaker or cause fuses to blow. Pictured is just part of this summer’s suspect or faulty electrical cable that has been replaced this year.

If you have a similar problem with your submersible bore our specialist water bore electricians have the experience, knowledge and equipment to diagnose the fault. Call us Perth metro wide 9246 0111 or visit our main website here

Different types of old electrical cable

We repair submersible water bores in any Perth suburbs. We are a family owned business and have been going in Perth for nearly 20 years.

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