bore circuit breaker trips

A common call to our bore repair hotline ( Perth 1300 734 300) is ” the circuitbreaker in my meter box keeps tripping whenever I turn my bore on“.

This is an electrical problem and requires an electrician. It may well ultimately turn out to be a fused pump motor ( possibly covered under insurance) but often it is found to be a simple cabling issue or a fault with the bore start box, start capacitor or sometimes in the 3 phase bore DOL (Direct Online Starter). To save time and money it is best to have an electrician attend who specializes in bores and pumps and who has both the knowledge and special test equipment required to diagnoze the problem efficiently. Our electricains do these repairs every day so you are not paying someone to re-invent the wheeel! It’s what we do!  Our service teams also carry a host of spare parts to fix the most common bore problems enabling them to  carry out the repairs economically and promptly.

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