New submersible water bore Marangaroo

Drilling a new water bore in Marangaroo
Drilling a new water bore in Marangaroo

Drilling a new submersible garden bore today in Marangaroo.

The depth to water (static water table) was quite deep at 42 metres, because the house was high up on a hill. We drilled to 54  metres in total. This gives 12 metres of water in the bore casing.

We will be installing a 1.5 kw (2hp) submersible pump which at this depth will deliver about 80 litres a minute. This will be double what the customer currently gets from mains water supply.

We will connect the bore to the existing reticulation sprinkler systems. We will join several stations together to come on at the same time to use the extra flow.

This Marangaroo bore was drilled in a day and mainly drilled through compacted sand. This was a messy job due to the drilling muds flowing backwards on a forward sloping block. Fortunately we are licensed to use the street’s high pressure fire hydrant and will use this water to wash down and clean up.

If you have any questions about a water bore in Marangaroo or surrounding suburbs Girrawheen, Koondoola, Alexander Heights, Landsdale and Darch call one of the guys on 9246 0111.


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